Quote of the Week

We can't help everyone but everyone can help someone.

-Ronald Reagan

What is the Guidance Program?

Counselling services can often support students with life experiences that impact their ability to perform to their potential. The goal of all counselling services is to promote well-being and helping students foster the skills in to reach their full potential.

Our Guidance and Counselling Program is designed to assist the personal, social, educational and career development of students.  Students will acquire knowledge, attitudes, strategies and skills to understand and appreciate themselves, relate effectively to others and develop life plans for education and career. 

The four basic themes of the counselling program are:

  • Teaching students to take responsibility for their actions
  • The concept of mutual respect for self and others
  • Training in basic life management skills (social skills, communication, leadership, decision making, problem solving, conflict resolution etc.)
  • The belief that students who feel good about themselves and have positive relationships with others are more successful both in and out school


With this in mind the Elementary Counselling Services are as follows:

  • Personal Counselling: focusing on issues such as peer relationships, self-injury, anxiety, depression, family issues, behaviour issues as well as feelings such as anger and sadness).
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Classroom Guidance Lessons: Discussion about relevant issues based on age and development levels.
  • Counselling Small Groups: problem solving, social skills training, friendship, anger management, leadership, play groups and so on.
  • Consultation and Collaboration: community, parents, teachers and administration.