Travel Funding

Graduate students are encouraged to attend and present at regional and national conferences.  Below are a few of the resources for funding.   Please email Christine Grott ( with questions.

*  Travel funding is no longer done on a reimbursement basis.  All travel expenses must now be paid for using the University Declining Balance Card.  Please see the complete instructions below.  You will need to secure the Declining Balance card BEFORE traveling.

Reimbursements will NOT be made for anything paid with personal credit cards.

Instructions for Declining Balance Cards:

Before you Travel:

  1. 1.IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A CARD: Contact the Department Business Administrator to order your card.  It takes about two weeks to process an order, so do not order your card at the last minute.

  2. 2.IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A CARD: Send an e-mail to Christine Grott ( to request that Department funds (or other funds you have obtained) may be added to your card along with information about your conference (what the conference is, when it is, where it is, etc.) The funds will then be put onto your card and will remain there until used or June 30. (whichever comes first).

During Travel:

While traveling, please use your travel card for everything you possibly can.  We have been warned by Procurement that they will be more strict in the new fiscal year when it comes to reimbursements.  They will not reimburse for reasons of “I didn’t have the card with me,” or “I couldn’t find my card.”  However, you still can be reimbursed for mileage when driving your personal auto or for tolls.  But for registrations, airfare, hotel, meals, etc., the card MUST be used.


Remember:  ALWAYS, ALWAYS get detailed receipts.  That means for meals, we need the receipt that shows what was ordered.

After you travel:

  1. 1.You will need to log on to WORKS with the password provided to you in the email to reconcile your expenses (check your receipts, label your expenses) and sign off on all your expenses.  In the comments section of each transaction please include any information about your transaction (i.e., what it is, where you went, when you went, etc.  If it is a meal or hotel room shared by others, please include the names of the others in this box).You will be reminded to do this via email.  Please do it as soon as possible after returning.

  2. 2.You will also receive a paper statement from Bank of America.  The Department Business Administrator will notify you when this arrives.  Verify your purchases.  Sign this statement and return it with all receipts to the Department Business Administrator.

Online training and guides for using the procurement card and WORKS can be found at:

Funding Opportunities

Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Amount: Varies per year (past amounts have been up to $400).  Funds begin July 1 and expire June 30.

Restrictions:  Must be presenting/in the program

Instructions: See instructions above for procurement cards.  Remember to save receipts and email confirmations from the online system.

Office of Graduate Studies- Professional Development Award

Deadline: 1 month prior to travel

Amount: Past amounts have been up to $500 (department must match $300) per year

Restrictions: Must be presenting, one award per academic year, two per academic career


** If you decide to apply for this award, please be sure that the Department Administrator has a copy of your application.  Also, as soon as your learn that you have received the award, let the Department Administrator know (with the exact amount awarded) so he/she can add it to your card.  The Office of Graduate Studies does not add the funds to your card.

Women’s Studies Graduate Travel Award

Deadline: April 15

Amount: Past amounts have been up to $1000

Restrictions: Must be presenting on women’s and/or gender issues