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Registering for Thesis/Dissertation Credits

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Important Forms (for Office of Graduate Studies):

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Application for Advanced Degree 

form. Submitted after the defense of the M.A. thesis and again after the defense of the dissertation. Students completing the M.A. degree who intend to continue in the Ph.D. program must fill out and attach the "Change of Status" form.

http://www.udel.edu/gradoffice/current/advanceddegree.pdf (Completed MA & PhD)

http://www.udel.edu/gradoffice/current/classificationform.pdf (Continuing from MA to PhD)

Confirmation of Dissertation Committee 

Submitted after successful completion of the comprehensive examinations when members of the defense committee have been formally selected and agreed to serve.


Recommendation for Candidacy for Doctoral Degree

Submitted after dissertation proposal has been approved.


Ph.D. Defense Certification

Submitted after the defense.