Comprehensive Exams

All PhD students are required to take two comprehensive exams in any of the following areas.  Please be sure to consult the graduate student handbook for policies regarding the scheduling, administration, and grading of exams. 

Students may also want to refer to the required/recommended courses for each area exam- these are for reference only and you are responsible for checking if a more recent version exists. 

 Area              Committee
Disasters and Environmental Sociology Dr. Tricia Wachtendorf*
Dr. Joanne Nigg
Dr. Ben Aguirre
Dr. Jim Kendra
Disasters and Environmental Sociology Reading List  
Criminology** Dr. Ivan Sun*
Dr. Karen Parker (Fall)
Dr. Kirk Williams (Spring)
Dr. Susan Miller
 Criminology Reading List  
Deviance** Dr. Tammy Anderson*
Dr. Joel Best
Dr. Kirk Williams
 Deviance Reading List  
Gender Dr. Susan Miller*
Dr. Asia Friedman
Dr. Ann Bell
Gender reading list (main)
Supplemental List
Law & Society Dr. Eric Rise*
Dr. Gerald Turkel
Dr. Aaron Fichtelberg
Dr. Chrysanthi Leon
Dr. Ben Fleury-Steiner
 Law and Society Reading Lists  
Methods Dr. Ronet Bachman*
Dr. Tammy Anderson (Spring)
Dr. Tricia Wachtendorf (Fall)
 Methods Reading List  
Race  Dr. Elizabeth Higginbotham*
Dr. Ben Aguirre
Dr. Ben Fleury-Steiner
Dr. Carole Marks (Fall)
 Race Reading List  
Theory  Dr. Gerald Turkel*
Dr. Aaron Fichtelberg
Dr. Anne Bowler
Dr. Asia Friedman

Dr. Barret Michalec*
Dr. Ann Bell
Dr. Asia Friedman
Dr. Victor Perez

**Students may not take both Criminology and Deviance