Illustrate through multiple media

Classroom materials are often dominated by information in text.  But text is a weak format for presenting many concepts and for explicating most processes. Furthermore, text is a particularly weak form of presentation for learners who have text- or language-related disabilities. Providing alternatives - especially illustrations, simulations, images or interactive graphics – can make the information in text more comprehensible for any learner and accessible for some who would find it completely inaccessible in text.

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  • Present key concepts in one form of symbolic representation (e.g., an expository text or a math equation) with an alternative form  (e.g., an illustration, dance/movement, diagram, table, model, video, comic strip, storyboard, photograph, animation, physical or virtual manipulative) 
  • Make explicit links between information provided in texts and any accompanying representation of that information in illustrations, equations, charts, or diagrams
  • Gestures, body language, pictures, objects (Echevarría, Vogt & Short, 2012)