UDL Guidelines 2.0 - Organizer with links to examples

Multiple Means of Representation (WHAT)
Recognition—the ways information is presented

Provide options for...
Multiple Means of Action and Expression (HOW)
—participation or demonstration of knowledge and skills
Provide options for...
Multiple Means of Engagement (WHY)
—How students are engaged and motivated

Provide options for...
Provide access

—same information different ways; format allows for users to adjust
Physical Action
—same goals, different motor, strategic and organizational options
Recruiting Interest
—same goal, different ways to engage student interest
Provide guided practice and support
Language, mathematical expressions and symbols
—provide alternative representations for clarity and comprehensibility
Expression and communication
—provide learners with different ways to express what they know
Sustaining effort and persistence
—help learners develop sustained attention and effort
Provide independent practice

—help learners develop ways to transform information into useable knowledge
Executive Function
—help learners develop deliberate strategies for learning
—help learners develop intrinsic abilities to self regulate
  Resourceful, knowledgeable learners Strategic goal-directed learners Purposeful, motivated learners
  CAST (2011). Universal Design for Learning Guidelines version 2.0. Wakefield, MA: Author. 
 Note: examples for ELLs as cited from Echevarria, J. J., Vogt, M., Short, D. J. (2012). Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners: The SIOP Model, 4th Edition. Boston: Pearson.