Volunteer Information

The credentials have arrived and assembled.  They can be picked up in the Atrium of the school Tuesday or Wednesday between 5 and 7pm.  

The volunteer pass is good for Saturday and Sunday and included Paddock Access.   Friday is Free Prix Day.  

Companion Passes:
The companion pass can be redeemed at the ticket booth outside the main entrance.  It can be used on either Saturday or Sunday.

Start Times:
    Cobo :          7:00am
    Ren Cen:      7:00am  
    VIP:               7:00am on Sat and Sun
    On Island:    6:00am  

Lunch will be provided by the Grand Prix staff.  It is catered by Andiamo.  There is usually coffee and donuts in the morning and water and pop all day.
As of Monday, it looks like lows 70s, Cloudy to Partly Sunny.

The T-shirts will be distributed upon your arrival.

Main Contacts:
Each location has a 'site lead' from the Grand Prix organization.  The names of those site leads is as follows:
    River East Garage ; John Tse (pronounced Say)
    (aka: Downtown VIP at Franklin and Rivard)    
    COBO: Traci Rubin
    Ren Cen: Karl Grobson
    On Island:  Justin

Dads' Club Contact
For questions or issues, please call Gary Gillhooley at 248-390-5579.

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