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UD Global Work Party 2010

“A Day to Celebrate Climate Solutions” 

( This is actually from 11:50 AM- 12:00 PM - ONLY 10 Minutes)

To support our friends’ green initiatives at, SGA & UD International Club, are hosting a Green Party on campus!


We are gathering on the 11th of October (when we resume classes after a four day fall break) to join and the world - a day later - in advocating for Eco-friendly legislations and green decisions that each individual can make.

Our university invested more than 2 million dollars in reconstructing a large green space in the center of the UD campus (including razing a building and replacing the space with trees and grass). The event on the 11th of October is organized with the purpose of expressing our (UD students) gratitude to the university for undertaking green projects such as this and many other ones, as well as sending our leaders a message of support by showing them that we want to work together in becoming an even 'Greener University'.

Apart from that, we will use the UD Global Work Party to call upon students to join in an effort of reducing their carbon footprint by 10% in each of their houses in the student neighborhoods at UD. The project is called the UD GreenHouse Effect and will begin later this month. Each house will be given a monthly report card showing how much energy and gas their house has used. The house which will reduce their carbon footprint the most will be rewarded. 

We have made posters that show 10 things that UD students are doing to stay green and simple things that others can do to be green too! However, we made sure that all the paper we 'wasted' for the posters will be reused. Therefore, the posters that we made will be used again during UD's sustainability week, which will happen a week from the week of October 11th. The same posters will also be put up for display at the Kennedy Union at UD, before they are to be recycled properly.

When: 11 October 2010 
Where: UD Central Mall 
Time: 11:50 AM– 12:00PM
(Yup! only 10 minutes for a Picture!)

And don’t worry about being alone at this party: There are already 6077 green parties in 184 countries registered! 

Attention: Photography majors and any Photo lovers, SGA and UDIC are having a competition for the BEST Picture taken at the Global Work Party at UD Central Mall!!! The best picture chosen will be sent to and posted on their website! After 11 October 2010 you can e-mail us the picture at udayton.internationalclub@

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