Hello everyone,

Welcome to the University of Denver’s Model UN team website! I would like to extend my warmest welcome to all new members or those looking to join, and I invite you to explore our website and attend our weekly meetings. The mission of the MUN team at DU is to provide opportunities for students to learn about international affairs while enhancing diplomacy, debate, writing, public speaking, and research skills. Students may represent various countries, NGOs, political bodies, or individuals in a range of simulated committees.


Each year, our traveling team attends at least two collegiate conferences around the country. This year, we will make our way to Washington, DC in October for the National Model UN. To finance our attendance at these conferences, the Model UN team is supported by the DU Honors Program, as well as continuously seeks out multiple grants and fundraising opportunities. In addition, every April our team hosts an annual high school conference on the DU campus. Hundreds of high school students from around the region come to attend and spend the day debating critical global issues.


While the DU team is relatively new, we have participated in several marketing and public relations events on campus. Each year we set up booths at the Pioneer Carnival, May Days, BIG Event, Festival of Nations, and more (check out our Calendar for more information). 

Personally speaking, Model UN has changed my life and has made me a much more confident and driven individual. I found my passion for international relations through participation in this organization, and I urge all of those considering joining the team to do so. Please do not hesitate to contact me or any other member of our Secretariat for more information – we are here to help make your experience the best it can be!



Emily Thompson

Secretary-General Emeritus


(303) 883-0722



"I recommend this experience to all students, regardless of your major. I met engineers, pre-med students, and political science majors at the conference, and it shows that anyone can take interest in the international community."

"This conference afforded us a chance to recognize the amazing ties throughout humanity, the ties that are in truth the keys to solving the problems of the world. For that chance I am extremely grateful to my colleagues, partner, team, school, and country."

"From my participation in DU MUN, I have learned much more than I thought it would teach me. Now I want to be the one who stands in front of people and confidently gives an amazing speech. I want to say “thank you” to all my teammates for the whole extraordinary experience.”

"Model UN provided me a wonderful opportunity to study something that I never would have approached with any kind of rigor, and by doing so, I not only learned about Korea, I learned about myself."

 "No matter if you want to work in or study anything even tangentially related to international politics, you will learn skills that will no doubt prove valuable. Model UN has an emphasis on cooperative work, writing, and speaking, and this simulated diplomacy will serve you well whether you spend your professional life in a boardroom, courtroom, or schoolhouse."