Machine Learning/Advanced Digital Signal Processing

This subject is an introductory course on theoretical and practical concepts to start with machine learning as well as advanced digital signal processing.

Lecture (Invited speaker)Introduction to Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
Date: 28/10/2017 

Lecture (Invited speaker)Kernel PCA
Date: 28/10/2017 

Lecture (Invited speaker)Recognition and interpretation of seismic-volcanic patterns under realistic conditions using adaptive learning techniques
Date: 21/10/2017 

Ordinary lecture: Writting a scientific paper
Date: 21/10/2017
Slides here.
Interesting related readings here.
LaTex templates and installers.

Ordinary lecture: Matrix Algebra for pattern recognition/Digital signal processing
Date: 07/10/2017
- Matrix algebra exercises:  pdf
- Signal processing exercises: pdf 
- Matrix coobook:  pdf
- Pattern recognition books:  web    pdf    
- Pattern recognition glossary: web    pdf
- Matrix coobook:  pdf
- Pattern recognition techniques: pdf
- Variable transformation and data representation: pdf

Lecture (Invited speaker): Multiclass Case-based reasoning methodology for medical applications
Date: 30/09/2017

Lecture (Invited speaker): Part-of-speech identification via metaheuristics
Date: 19/08/2017

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