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 Customer Feedback


“the more I use it the more I appreciate how good it is”


“The work that has gone into both type1 and 2 are extensive. Having the type1, the integration with the stereo and the allowances for the installed car kit just simply operates as it is part of the standard factory system. Well done Vlad, You have a winner here!!!”


“I really think anyone out there that still has the factory HU should cough up the cash and get it installed as it's a great addition to the vehicle!”


“What a simple install. Thanks heaps Vlad, the DIY kit you sent works a treat... and took bugger all time to mod (-:”


“I personally think this is the best integration of any kit out there. I guess I simply see a hobby project that has great potential.”


“Well I thought I'd let you know that the type1 in my system is working a treat. Such a simple install and all is working well.”


“Job well done mate and thanks heaps for taking the time to work it all out :) This is one happy camper as I refuse to buy one of those fm transmitter things so the iPod just sat on the coffee table.”


“My impressions? Well I certainly don't think I got ripped off, I'm extremely happy with the implemented board to my factory stereo.”


“I find it to be simply brilliant and I use and abuse it. Well done mate, you’re a hidden talent.”


“So in ending I would like to thank you for such a wonderful device... I also would like for you to note that as I'm genuinely satisfied with your on going support, not hesitating to help attitude and of course for making a home project for your son’s radio a gift to many others.”


“The interface has worked well thanks. Your instructions were very concise and it made the job quite straight forward.”


“Thanks again for all the work that you have put into this. I can now get rid of the FM modulator I was previously using.… I appreciate your efforts.”


“I have had the unit in the car for about 2 weeks now. It has been excellent so far, have had no problems with it what so ever. It is the wife’s car so I don’t get to use it all the time however she has commented that it has been trouble free and easy to use. Great job and thanks.”


“I installed this in my GTO yesterday. It is unbelievably cool! I absolutely love it!”


“The level of integration is astonishing. I am not sure Holden could have done better unless they replaced the lousy segmented LCD screen. You would swear it was built into the radio. The kit is REALLY well done.”


“The instructions Vlad provides are extremely clear and well documented. He is extremely helpful and friendly as well.”


“Awesome...Today I installed your iPod interface and all I can say is WOW!  Very nice work! ... Thanks again for all your hard work!  Really incredible!”


“AMAZING PRODUCT!!! Installed in my GTO and works flawlessly!!! EXCELLENT!”


“I think it is very important to maintain the stock look and yet have a highly integrated iPod solution - by far my favorite mod to this car!”


“Everything works as it should.  It’s awesome. I will be recommending it to anyone else with a Y / Z series commodore in an instant. Highly appreciate your trouble and all your help.”


“very impressed amazing unit works great, service was amazin best ebayer iv found”


“I must say I am very impressed it works fantastic.”


“Fantastic interface for a GTO. Arrived quick, works perfect. … Installed it today - perfect!! Thanks for the hard work to make this happen.”


“Kudos to you for all the time and effort you put into this project.”


“It's in, it works perfectly, and I can't tell you how happy I am!!!  Everything went really well, and your instructions are excellent! ...Anyway, thanks again, you do excellent work! It works perfectly and I couldn't be happier! Overall, very well worth it for me. Vlad has done an excellent job getting this together! Great ebay seller! Super-fast shipping, great product! Thanks!”


“I got up early today and put it in and it works perfect.”


“This ipod kit works like a champ! Great sound out of factory stereo. Stealthy.”


“arrived very quickly. And so far product as described. reliable ebayer. I finally installed the interface. worked perfectly. I am very happy with the quality and interaction of this item with my car's factory audio system. I did find however that the soldering and wiring were very hard but it was achievable with your detailed instructions. Thanks heaps”

“The iphone interface is working fine.

I only really use the volume and forward and back controls but they are working fine.

Thanks again.”


“excellent experience with this sale and the support I received from the seller. IT WORKS! Thank you very much Vlad, it’s awesome, worth every penny too. Just wanted to drop a line and let you know that the interface is working awesome thank you very much.”


“Vlad is damn a genius, this interface works great! Vlad, you are a Wizard! Excellent job!”


“Finally got my weekend toy back and installed the unit. Works great. Let me know if I can do anything. I would be glad to post something on the GTO forum or comments somewhere. Thanks for everything.”


“finally it got installed and is working 110% awsome!!

working very well mate you guys have done it very very well

thanks again”


“Received item exactly as advertised. Good communication and fast shipping!”


“It works great.”


“Thanks Vlad, the DIY kit arrived on Friday and was fitted trouble-free on Saturday. Your online instructions were excellent and the unit works well. I am very gratefully for the opportunity to have hours of music of my choice playing while i drive. Once again, Thank You.”


“Very easy install.  all done and playing in 15 minutes.  Works faultlessly and sound great,  Once again thank you for your time spent,  very very happy.”


“Installation was a breeze mate! Although I had to rewire just about everything in my loom to get it back to stock WOW!! fantastic kit you have produced Vlad, you’re a genius! It’s so good having stock radio with ipod control, I don’t miss the double din dvd player at all, as I never watched dvds with it.

I have been raving about it too all the boys here in Adelaide, no doubt you will receive some more orders soon. …  

Thanks again for spending time building this kit! Holden/HSV owners will forever be in your debt!!!!!!”


“The Ipod integration is truly amazing. everything works really well. I am learning more how to use my ipod and how it works in with the integration. Overall I am really happy with the setup”


“Fantastic upgrade, very pleased with the result, Thanks+++++++++, Yes thanks its working great”


“All good. Works a treat.”


“Ipod interface is working fantastic no more cd’s…”


“Got it in today and everything work perfectly. Thanks very much you have a great product and I appreciate the easy transaction all the work that would have gone into developing.”


“Hi Vlad all is good very happy …

Thanks for the work.

I am recommending you to my friends”


“Pretty straightforward, and all works like a charm! The orange wire was a bit tricky to get to (alternative PCB layout), but well done on a very clean install - hardware and software!”


“Exactly as described, arrived very fast, Highly recommended Seller”


“Everything is going well, I use it everyday!”


“Vlad, I assembled and reinstalled the radio tonight and it works perfect! Thank you for the fantastic customer service you have displayed to me. …You are the man!”


“awesome product, every GTO owner should install this. A++”


“It works great and the documentation was very clear and easy to follow, Great product!”


“I'm still a happy camper though, this kit is awesome! … I will just continue enjoying having my whole music collection at my fingertips (literally, with the steering wheel buttons!) while on the go.”


“installed the interface and it works flawlessly …you have another very happy customer and thank you for all your help in the past I really appreciate it”


“thanks for much for doing such a great job with the installation!!! I loved listening to my music on the way home, much better than changing cds!!! The interface is going well, im loving being able to listen to my ipod in the car without having to change cds every 15 mins!!! No problems with it, so its all good. Thanks again, im very happy with it. I just want to say a big thank you for making the cord longer, i love it even more now!! I greatly appreciate all your help and for the installation.”


“Excellent product. A++ seller”


“Im loving it none the less. Very happy  I new the sound was going to be way better than the FM transmitter I was using and it is. Also the convenience of changing songs from the steering wheel . So thanks again Vlad”


“it is cool to have the ability with the original head in the car!! install was straight forward and unit works perfectly!!”


“I have tested the entire functionality of the unit and everything is working as described in the YouTube video you created as a demonstration. The sound quality is amazing. Once again fantastic product and an excellent addition. Absolutely wonderful to deal with, excellent product, will definitely recommend”


“hey vlad, i went and picked up the kit today and installed it just before, it works great so far, id say the only problems i will have are with my average soldering skills thanks for making such a great kit :). incredible service, great seller, and very fast postage”


“excellent product, fast postage, good seller communication. thank you. Just letting you know that your product arrived yesterday and works like a charm!!”


“Well done though Keep up the good work!!”


“Hey mate, Kit arrived today and has been installed. Works great”


“Awesome, couldn't of asked for more. Very helpful, recommend seller”


“The interface is installed and working great!”


“Thanks heaps Vlad, love your kit mate.”


“However! I’ve since discovered a bigger geek than I who looks like he is qualified to build space shuttles and such. His name is Vlad Apostolov and his website is here. He’s built, and is selling a kit for the Blaupunkt Commodore stereos that gives you an automatic override to whatever’s playing, charges the iPhone, connects to the iPhone with a freaking Dock Connector, and (get this!!) his circuit even alters the text displayed on the Blaupunkt stereo to “IPOD”, “SHUFFLE” and so on! What’s more you can use the head unit and steering wheel buttons to control the iPod!   Oh and did I mention it also shows status information, song, album, artist and play time on the Blaupunkt screen? OMFG. Check out this YouTube clip:

This guy is a freaking space cadet. I’ve never, ever seen someone make such a deep modification to an electrical product to make this Blau do what he’s making it do.”


“Vlad`s Conversion is quite a smart little invention, works great & im very happy”


“Very Great buy! I'm very pleased! thanks for your help Vlad! A++++++++”


“Success! Thanks again mate, it's a creation!”


“Quick reply via email, very quick postage, highly recommended, A+++ Bayer!! Installed it tonight and it works flawlessly. Installation instructions are great and the interface is quite good (especially considering limitations of the radio).  Thank you very much for a great product and great service.”


“A++ this kit is awesome, u r a genius, best commodore audio mod ever

it works great its awesome you have really out done yourself i already have speakers and amps in the car with a dql-8 so i can keep the factory head unit and a stealth install and this was the perfect addition i now have a kickn after market stereo that looks stock as thanks mate you do great work”


“Thanks Vlad, I must say it's been a pleasure dealing with you as you have always been very helpful, just wish everyone I deal with was like you. At least you can put on the website that it works with Vauxhall Monaro's as well now”


“I received and installed the head unit today and everything works perfect. Thank you very much - it is an excellent piece of engineering and you have saved me over $1000 when compared to installing a new head unit and all the other associated costs.

I will recommend you to my friends who also have commodores.”


“Installation went well… Thanks heaps, this is unreal!! No more burning cds!”


“all seems pretty good and I am very happy with your product.”


“ABSOLUTLY BRILLIANT. It works and its great… A very happy …”


“I connected up the interface last night, took about an hour, had great fun doing it, I haven’t soldered on a PCB since school 25 years ago, it was a pleasure to fit with amazing fine detailed instructions, tested it out and it works perfectly, am delighted you took time to designing this for your son, its superb, my hat goes off to you, many thanks”


“The VY Stereo upgrade installation went really well and I impressed myself

that i actually pulled it off (lol) …Your instructions were accurate and very clear and the pictures made it easy to determine which terminal points to solder. My son is VERY happy with the outcome and some of his mates are pretty impressed (and jealous) he has an Ipod friendly VY stereo... Also thank you for replying to my questions over mobilephone texts during the weekend, that was much appreciated, a big help and great service. So thanks again Vlad, keep up the good work - there must be a market

industry for this stuff and I'm happy to be used as a reference at any



“Installed it today it's perfect, followed your great installation guide and everything works as in your video without any hassle. Thanks”


“I received this kit late this afternoon, I have also just successfully completed the install, The system is working perfectly! I was very worried about the soldering as the work is very fine (only realised just how fine after i opened up the head unit). However your pictures and instructions are excellent and the pictures very detailed. This interface is amazing and you should be very proud of what you have achieved! Thank you once again and congratulations on an amazing piece of work.”


“brilliant item, exactly what I was after!”


“Great Product Great Ebayer”


“All good. Got the chance to put it in tonight. All works perfectly with an iPhone 4 and an iPod mini. My son is out playing with it as I type.”


“Joy of Joys - my package arrived today and the unit was installed in no time at all.  All working well, and I am very happy with the results …Thanks for your help - and thankyou for the ipod interface!”


“installed and set up in about hour and half(made sure i studied your instructions first),works brilliantly and sounds great. im very happy.”


“Awesome system. Your a genius. Much appreciated!!!!”


“Kit arrived last week, Installed yesterday and working 100% Thanks again for your quality product and great service.”


“I FINALLY got around to installing the ipod interface into my VY commodore head unit!  I just wanted to tell you how excellent your product is… when I plugged my head unit in it worked first time!  Thanks very much for an excellent invention!”


“Once again I have to say wow!  What an amazing product.  You mightn't believe this but I actually enjoy driving my car so much more!  I've never been in a car before with such iphone compatibility!  I love it! ... Tell me, how many lucky customers have you been able to help out with this amazing product?  … Well done again!  I wish I had done this conversion sooner!”


“Managed to get the kit up and running without any problems at all last night. All of it seems to be working well and I'm very happy with how it turned out. Thanks again for all the help I'll be sure to recommend this product to anyone else I know who has the same problem with their commodore”


“Huzzah, it's working. … It works perfectly. My son is thrilled because now he doesn't always have to listen to Dad's music, but I have to question his tastes. I want to thank you for all you patience and expertise. If you ever find yourself in San Antonio, please let me know. I owe you some fajitas and cerveza. thanks again”


“the ipod conversion is in my car now, and works perfectly. had no issues with the installation instructions, they were very clear and easy to follow.

thanks so much”


“I would just like to reiterate that you are a real legend; performing and acting well above your necessary line of duty. Thankyou again. I can only give you the highest praise.”


“Better than an aftermarket unit ,cheaper, and is amazing. highly reconmended

Hey, Arrived, installed and working fantastically. the integration is soo easy to use and its a wonder why its not a standard feature. thanks for an amazing product”


“i have installed the kit this arvo and it is all working as it should, including the steering wheel controls. i cant thank you enough for your help this arvo and for producing such a great kit. thanks again”


“This ipod connectivity was a long awaited invention, it's awesome.”


“Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with how the interface is going. I can speak for someone too and the hookup to our IPhone 4's makes life real easy. Instructions were very easy to read and helpful. Very professional & cleaver product, well done & thanks, will recommend to others for sure”


“Installed it yesterday. … And it works perfect. One of the best modifications I have done to the GTO. Left you positive feedback and will recommend this product in LS1GTO forum. Thank you. … Great product!!!!! And a Excellent eBayer. I definitely recommend this product”


“Installed the Ipod adaptor into the avalanche the other week and I must say very impressed.”


“I just wanted to say thank you for the install today. Once again a fantastic job done by you!”


“Finished the install and it works great! It really is an awesome thing you've designed, I love it! Thanks so much”


“I am very pleased with your product; it’s functionality of iPod integration and compatibility with my Holden has no compromise, and your detailed instructions made the upgrade easy… I would happily recommend your product. Thanks”


“Package arrived and I fitted over the weekend. Works pretty well! Well done”


“Thank you very much for the work you done for me i would highly recomend work to a true gentlemen like you”


“I just received my radio today and installed it. It goes great! Thank you. I am pleasantly surprised at all the available functions too. I will definitely recommend it to anyone”


“Kit arrived last Friday and installed it over the weekend, absolutely fantastic, seamless integration.”


“Thank you very much for the great service and quality work, it works perfectly. I can’t believe I waited so long using an FM Modulator before searching for this mod.”


“works perfectly! It was a lot easier to fit than I thought.

Can only be described as a beautiful thing!... Once again thanks heaps, very pleased with it!”


“Everything the seller said it would be: PERFECT IN EVERY WAY!”


“I had this installed yesterday and it's amazing. First and foremost - Vlad is a genuinely nice guy. He was friendly and explained everything that was going to be done. He also took the time to demonstrate the functionality of the unit after it was installed.

The sound is perfect. In the past I couldn't stand to charge my iphone while it played because of all the noise. Now there is no noise at all. The controls are intuitive and convenient and having the song details display on both of the screens is just the icing on the cake. The installation took about 2 hours, and for anyone who is holding back because of the price, when you consider that this took Vlad 2 years design and test, as well as the convenience, safety and quality of sound that his product provides, you really won't look back and regret spending the money. On a final note, for those with Greg from ASR's pre-outs, these two mods don't interfere with one another. I would 100% recommend to anyone who's thinking of getting this done to just go ahead and do it, you will not regret it for a second.   Speedy, friendly, definitely recommended. Very happy with product and service.”


“I just bought and Vlad fitted the iPod controller for my '08 Omega. GREAT BIT OF KIT ! Took just over an hour and a half to fit, and performs brilliantly! Complete control over the iPod, including steering wheel controls, and displays work perfectly, showing you abum/track etc. This is great work Vlad, very good and cost effective investment….

Best ebay purchase I have made, great piece of gear, proffessionally fitted”


“Excellent quality product, very impressive”


“Got the interface installed, took me about an hour and twenty minutes all up, and I've never pulled apart a VE before. If I did this again, I think I could get it done in about an hour. The installation inside the radio chassis was very easy - Your instructions were concise and straightforward to follow. It was a piece of cake to get the interface cable into the glove box too … The kit worked first time, works just as you demonstrated it to me, and I have no hesitation in recommending it to other VE Omega owners. Thank you very much for the time you've taken to develop and produce this essential missing feature for an otherwise excellent vehicle!”

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