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 Next Band Parent Meeting... 
Meeting Open to The Public!
 January 28, 2013
Monday Evening
7:00 PM
Upper Dublin High School
Purpose of the Meeting:
* music education advocacy
* sharing information about budget shortfall
* discussion of implications to music programs
* gathering music program stakeholders
* identifying potential alternative solutions

“The things I learned from
my experience in music in school
are discipline, perseverance,
dependability, composure, courage
and pride in results. . .
not a bad preparation for the workforce!”
- Gregory Anrig
President, Educational Testing Service  

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Marching Band: The Power of "We"

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2012-2013 Upper Dublin Marching Cardinals!

 Marching Band News 
Music Parents to Meet to Discuss Budget Shortfalls

The Upper Dublin School District has released a Preliminary Budget for next school year that shows a 2.8 million dollar budget shortfall.  One proposal under consideration to reduce budget expenditures would involve demoting the entire music faculty of the district to part-time positions.  This would include elementary, middle and high school level faculty and would include band, choir and orchestra.
The UDMBPA Executive Board met to discuss the staggering implications of a part-time music faculty.  The group unanimously agreed that it was important for the UDMBPA to step forward and play a role in fostering a community wide discussion about how the music program will be impacted by the current budget crisis, with an eye towards identifying possible alternative solutions. 
The UDMBPA will host an OPEN COMMUNITY MEETING for all interested parties on Monday , January 28th at 7:00 PM in the evening in the Cafeteria at Upper Dublin High School. 
All community members with an interest in quality music education in the Upper Dublin schools are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Please feel free to invite friends, neighbors, relatives and other community members who care about access to quality music education as well.  
Every voice, every idea, every opinion matters. 

 2012 Marching Band Leaders Announced 

We extend our warmest congratulations to our new slate of student leaders for the 2012-2013 Upper Dublin Marching Cardinals!

Victoria Fritz                DRUM MAJOR

Rebecca Johnson         COLORGUARD CAPTAIN

William Brown            DRUMLINE CAPTAIN

Seth Carver                  WOODWIND CAPTAIN

Kimberly Lui                WOODWIND CAPTAIN

Benjamin Whitney     BRASS CAPTAIN

Kathryn Skinner         BRASS CAPTAIN

Eden Schiller                FRONT ENSEMBLE CAPTAIN

 Jolesch Photography Posted  
 Upper Dublin 2012 Championships Pictures! 
You can view or order prints of your Marching Cardinal taken by Jolesch Photography at the Hershey Championships!  They shoot action shots of each band member during the Championship performance.  Also, they take "class pictures" of the whole band and each band section after the performance.  The photographs are typically very good and even if you don't decide to purchase them, they are fun to view to capture the excitement of the Championship performance!  If you hunt around on their website, you can find Championships photos for previous years as well. 


 Best Performance of the Year ! 
 The Upper Dublin Marching Cardinals delivered a spirited and inspired performance of their 2011 field show "Dublin Does Dance" at the Cavalcade of Bands Championships in Hershey on Sunday, November 13th.  The show featured music and dancing from several genres:  from the Jazzy "It Don't Mean a Thing," to the operatic "Swan Lake," Bollywood's "Jai Ho," and the iconic rock standard "Thriller".  It was absolutely their very best performance of the season, thrilling the spectators in the audience who roared their approval!  The 12:15 performance was early in the competition, leaving plenty of time for the kids to enjoy a trip to Hershey's Chocolate World on this beautiful, warm and sunny autumn day!  
 The UDMBPA would like to extend our warmest gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Horn and the staff of the UDMC for all their hard work and dedication in teaching our kids how to march and play ... and dance ... this season!