Calendar of Events

Meetings will be held every other Tuesday evening at 6pm in Munroe Hall room 103 (Conference Room). We will have faculty members and guest speakers come in to discuss their research topics.
In between the bimonthly meetings, there will be movie nights held every other Tuesday at 6:00pm in the same room 103 of Munroe Hall. These movies may have some relevance to any and all aspects of Anthropology. Refreshments will be served these nights, which could include popcorn, snacks, and drinks. Bring a blanket or a hoodie because the room we watch movies in is freezing cold!

Tentative events for this Spring 2010 semester will be announced in our first meeting Wednesday 17 this February.

Spring 2010 Calendar and Events


9 - Anthropology Club @ Activities Night Even though it's a smaller fall activities night, we got a good number of people who signed up, and were interested.

16 - No Meeting We decided that after the major snow storm, we would let people catch up on classes.

24 - First Meeting We decided Wednesdays to be our meeting days, and we discussed possible events and activities.

3 - Movie Night Interesting movie.

10 - Anthropology Major and Department Resources by Professor Rosenberg Great info about the major, the department and all the resources available to succeed! Thank you professor Rosenberg.

17 - Movie Night Irish Theme.

24 - Native American Basket-weaving by Professor Custer.

31 - No Meeting Spring Break Week


7 - Medicine Wheel by Don Williams

14 - Tea Powerpoint and Tea Time

17 - Washington DC Trip (tentative)

21 - Asian Movie

28 - Still planning, if you have any advice, email us!


5 - Still planning,if you have any advice, email us!

12 - Still planning, if you have any advice email us!

19 - Stone Took Workshop

Fall 2009 Calendar and Events


-Summer Break. =]


30 - UD Anthropology Club @ Activities Night. Excellent night. A lot of people signed up, and were very interested. =]


8 - First meeting Excellent turnout! We decided what days and times worked out for most of us. We also discussed what we were interested in doing for the upcoming meetings.

15 - Icebreaker Night Excellent night! Lots of conversation among members, new friends, and the icebreaker was excellent. Thanks Gab =]

23 - Movie Night Awesome movie!

29 - Andrew Marchetta's Research Talk Great talk Andrew, thank you for sharing your research projects with us!


6 - Movie Night.

13 - Anthropology of Music by Professor Cottle Very interesting and amazing presentation, but we were unaware that there was a class meeting soon, so he couldn't finish the talk.

20 - Movie Night Very interesting movie.

27 - Mixtape Exchange Everyone loved it!! It was so cool and interesting to know everyone's music tastes.


3 - Movie Night Cool movie!

10 - Native American Culture by Don Williams Lots of cool Native American artifacts for display and touch. A lot of information about Native American culture. People loved it!

17 - Movie Night Very informative movie!

24 - No meeting because of Thanksgiving Break =]


1- Movie Night

10 - Stone Tool Workshop by Professor Rocek This event is ALWAYS so successful. Thank you professor Rocek. 

Previous Years' Events

Spring 2009 Calendar and Events
16 - first meeting (meet, greet and eat)
This was a great turnout! We had 14 interested people come out to learn about our upcoming events.
23 - movie: Indiana Jones and the...
Raiders of the Lost Ark
            Archeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones is hired by the US government to find the Ark of the Covenant, before the Nazis
       discover its secret.

March - - field trip: local museums (New Castle, Dover)
2 -   speaker: Don Williams
       topic: Native American Material Culture: Medicine Wheels
       speaker: Katie Swick          topic: Northeast Recruiting Representative for the Student Conservation Association
                                                        (expense paid internship opportunities, volunteering at National Parks, Forests and Historic Sites)

            These two events on March 2nd were canceled due to inclement weather. We will try to reschedule these speakers for another date.
9 - movie: The Gods Must be Crazy
For five thousand years, things have stayed pretty much the same for Xi and his fellow Bushmen. Then one day, an empty Coke
     bottle drops magically from the sky, and life goes topsy-turvy in the face of this generous "gift of the Gods."

12 - Special Event: Bill Schindler (expert on stone tool making) will be available to talk with students, demonstrate methods and help make stone
                            tools in Dr. Custer's Lab (009/010 Munroe Hall) from 12:30-3:00pm

16 - speaker: Dr. Jay Custer       topic: Ancient Landscapes, Native American Archaeological Sites Ethanol Plants, and Army Corps of
                                                        Engineers Permits: The Real World of 21st Century Archaeology in the Susquehanna River
                                                        Valley of Pennsylvania. 

23 - movie: Invisible Children: The Rescue of Joseph Kony's Child Soldiers
April - - field trip: C
herry Blossom Festival and Smithsonian Museums in Washington D.C.

6 - movie: Cast Away

13 - speaker: Don Williams        topic: Native American Material Culture: Medicine       Wheel
18 - Field Trip to Washington D.C. - Open Itinerary
                      For this field
trip, we will be meeting on the steps of Munroe Hall at 7:00am. We will then drive to the nearest Metro Station
                     (New Carrollton, MD) and take the Metro into D.C. It will drop us off right on the Mall in front of the Smithsonian Museums.
                     We will most like
ly leave D.C. around 4:00pm and get back to campus around 6:00-7:00pm. Bring about $5.00 for the
                     Metro Rail ticket and personal spending money. All Smithsonian Museums and historic landmarks are free to the public.
20 - movie: Memoirs of a Geisha
Nitta Sayuri reveals how she transcended her fishing-village roots and became one of Japan's most celebrated geisha.
27 - speaker: Andrea Anderson   topic: Museum Interpretation
May - - field trips: lecture series for Delaware Archaeology Month
2 - Archaeology Festival during Old Dover Days
4 - movie: Apocalypto

9 - 2nd Annual Archaeology Symposium on the Early Colonial Period of the Delaware Valley at the New Castle Courthouse
11 - last meeting, elections held
16 - Day in Old New Castle

17 - Iron Hill Archaeological Festival, Iron Hill Museum in Newark; we will volunteer at this event
20 - Stone Tool Workshop, Dr. Tom Rocek at 5:30pm in 104 Munroe Hall

23 - Archaeology Day at Zwaanendael Museum, Lewes DE
Sarah Ferguson,
May 21, 2009, 5:54 AM
Sarah Ferguson,
Jan 29, 2009, 10:50 AM