Updated 05/12/2010

Welcome to the University of Delaware Anthropology Club Website!                                                      

Anthropology is the holistic study of humans in any aspect related to culture, archaeology, linguistics, society, human fossils, and future works of human relations.

Meetings for Anthropology Club this Spring semester 2010 will be held every Wednesdays evening at 6:00pm in room 103 of Munroe Hall, which is located beside the Trabant University Center Parking Garage.
We will have different speakers who will discuss their specific research topics. Anyone is welcome to join the meetings and encouraged to participate in active discussions of said topics. Refreshments (pizza and soda) may be served at meetings, depending on funds.

It's still not too late to join us at our meetings/movie nights. Whether you are a freshman in biochemical engineering or a third-year senior struggling for those last elective credits, Anthropology has something to offer for everyone! Visits us at Munroe Hall on Monday nights to be a part of the fun activities at appreciating human diversity!

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