Course Info

Da Vinci's Lab wants to make this class to be available to all.  If you cannot afford the fee, please let us know (KevinBEnglish at gmail dot com) and we will provide a scholarship.

Learn the basics of computer science and programming in this unique course taught by David Evans and Kevin English.  In this course you will build a working search engine.  One student who completed this course built a video search engine.  Test it out.  Type "mutable" into the search box.

Also, computer programming is now being discussed as the 3rd literacy required for those moving onto college.  A literacy that is required of all students, not just math and science students.  Watch this video (get interesting at about the 45 second mark) of Hans Rosling, a social scientist, who uses programming every day to reach the conclusions that he does.  

And if you are a geek, check out this video (gets interesting at the 20 second mark).  Programming is a must have for doing cool projects like the self driving car.

This course is a blended model of on-line instruction and in-person instruction.  Students progress through the content of the course, on-line, with David.  But students also meet weekly with other students and Kevin to work additional problems, share with and help each other, and have their questions answered directly.  

For more information on the on-line content, click here and watch the video.

For Whom?
High school and college students. Students should have a working knowledge of Algebra 1.

When / Where?
Tuesday and Thursday
July 17 to August 30th
4 to 5:30 pm, @ Bend Senior Center computer lab


Wednesday and Friday
July 18 to August 31st
9 to 10:30 am, @ Bend Senior Center computer lab

How Much?
$40. (The lab also has scholarships available for families that may need financial help.)