George T. Grier School of Ushering

Webster tells us school is a place in which formal instruction is given. 
  George T. Grier was a man of integrity who could visualize, organize and supervise. He hailed      from Illinois and served as the first state President. Brother Grier made numerous noteworthy contributions to the growth of the National, most notably the founding of the School of Ushering. In 1948, with the help of the Illinois ushers, he gave a demonstration of church ushering. Also, he designed the National Pin, wrote the Ushers Universal Manual and Handbook. He offered a resolution that a National School be organized in 1951; consequently, he was appointed the first chairperson. In 1952, when he was Chairperson of the School, 210 graduates walked across the stage to receive diplomas at the first National Graduation. In 1955, he organized the 7:00 a.m. ushers' workshop. These workshops teach ushers the silent uniform method of church ushering by means of signal codes. In 1961, in Denver, Colorado, the school was given the name "George T. Grier School of Ushering" honoring the man who had contributed so much to the department. 

The ushers of Illinois take pride in the fact that the silent system of signs and signals that are used in churches across the United States was developed here in Illinois. 

Training is a very important part of our organization.  To be a good usher, you must be trained.  Members of our organization all learn one silent method of ushering.  Every usher who has been trained is able to understand the same signs and signals in order to usher in the various churches together in a uniform manner.  For example, an usher in the North Shore Zone could serve in the South End Zone utilizing the Universsal method.  On the same note, an usher from Illinois could also serve in Texas.  There is a school of ushering in each zone and on the state level, regional, and national levels.
Graduates from each level of the School of Ushering receive a diploma after amassing (32) hours of instruction time and passing a skills test.  Graduates from our State School of Ushering are then eligible and encouraged to continue their studies of the Ministry of Ushering by pursuing national certification through our parent organization, the National United Church Ushers Association of America, Inc.
The South End Zone's School of Ushering meets every 1st. Friday evening at 7:00 pm from September to June at Allen Metropolitan C.M.E. Church, 10946 South Lowe; Chicago, Illinois and is taught by our nationally certified instructors.
School of Ushering Officers:
Bro. Walter Simpson, Chairman
Sis. Bessie L. Hill, Co-Chairperson
Sis. Deloris Jackson, Instructor
Bro. Tony Ladd, Instructor
Sis. Carrie Wyatt, Instructor