Getting Started

About this site

There is lots of online information to help you to think about what you might want to do after school. This website will help you to:
  • understand how to use online sites
  • explore possible career choices
  • understand the options open to you.

I’m confused - can’t someone just tell me what to do?

No! Jobs and careers are changing all the time, so no-one can predict what openings there might be for you in the future. Parents, teachers and friends can help you to explore careers/jobs and to identify your skills and aptitudes - this will help you to make choices.

In the end it really is up to you to find out as much as you can before making decisions about what to go for. Good luck, and we hope that this website will help you in your research.

Get started here!

Interactive site providing guidance, questionnaires and school linked advisers. 

(Every UCTC student has access to a free account. So set up a login and keep your details so that you can go back to it!)

1000s of videos where people explain their jobs and how they got started in their career. Plus the careers game MeTycoon and personality BuzzTest.

   Online careers film and video library.