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Postdoc Professional Experience Program (PEP)

We have worked with OCPD to develop a pilot program for helping postdocs develop skills to identify hand-on learning opportunities at local  companies and arrange short term internships to develop needed professional experience for landing that first industry job. 

Think of PEP as the postdoc version of UCSF's GS-ICE (Graduate Student Internships for Career Exploration) program.

We have the support of Associate Chancellor Terri O’Brien on this program, and we need it to succeed to get continued funding to expand this program!

Our first pilot cohort of 6 PEP postdocs is has been preparing for their experiences by going through PEP Prep during the fall of 2015, and will start their hands-on learning experiences this winter.

See the presentations on supporting career preparation and exploration during the events in March 2015 and May 2015.

March 2 Career Preparation

See the Rescuing Biomedical Research website for advocacy for postdocs to have more non-academic career development opportunities.

Discussed in Nature's "Frustrated postdocs rise up", 24 Feb 2016.

Jessica Lao is running this program.