iGEM 2011 Bootcamp Itinerary


Monday June 13, Genentech Hall-S271

9-10 am Introductions and Overview of UCSF iGEM Program

10-11 am Introduction to Synthetic Biology

11-12 Safety Training (Henk Mar, EHS Safety Specialist)

1-3 pm Basic Lab Review

-          Keeping a Lab Notebook

-          Reading a Scientific Paper

-          Using online scientific search engines (Pubmed, BLAST)

3-5 pm Introduction and Review of Cloning

-          PCR

-          Restriction Enzymes

-          Plasmids

-          Basic Protocol Overview


Tuesday June 14, Byers Hall BH212

9-12 am Paper Discussion and Lecture on Modular Cloning and Biobricks

1-4 pm Group Assignment: Primer Design and Cloning Workshop

4-5 pm Review of Group Assignment


Wednesday June 15, GH-S271

9-12 Lecture: Yeast as a Model Organism

-          Mating and Genetics

-          Transformation Procedures and Recombination

-          Common yeast promoters and induction systems

1-4pm Group Assignment

4-5pm Review of Group Assignment


Thursday June 16, BH212

10 am-12 pm Paper Discussion and Lecture on Yeast Surface Display

1-2 pm Group Assignment: Designing a Yeast Surface Display Plasmid

2 pm Leave for Stanford

3:30 - 4:00 PM: Mentors introduce their teams and briefly discuss their history with iGEM & what it means to them.
4:00 - 5:00 PM: Each team briefly and informally describes their project (or the process by which they are selecting their project).
5:00 - 5:30 PM: Mentors and students mingle
5:30 - 7:30 PM: Poster session


Friday June 17, GH-S271

10-12 pm  Paper Discussion and Lecture on Protein-Protein Interactions

1-4 pm Group Assignment: Protein-Protein Interactions and Powerpoint Presentations

4-5 pm Review of Group Assignment


Monday June 20, GH-S271 and N421

9:30-12 pm Lecture and Assignment on Cadherins and Leucine Zippers

1-3pm Flocculation Assignment (based on previously read paper)

3-3:30 Group Photos on lawn

3:30-5 Updates for website, blogs, etc      

Tuesday June 21

9-11am Bootcamp Wrap-up and Review S-271

11-12pm Introduction to Brainstorming Techniques in S-271

1:30-3:30pm Team Challenge  - Brainstorming Day 1 in S-227 (Teaching Lab)

3:30-5 Continue Brainstorming (S227, N421, S271)

Wednesday June 22

10-12pm Team Challenge Brainstorming Day 2, S-227 (Teaching Lab)

1-4pm Finalize Project Ideas and Presentations

Thursday June 23, GH-S271

9-11am Final Preparation for Presentations

11-12pm Team Challenge Presentations

12-1:30 Feedback and Lunch

2-4pm Review Team Challenge and finalize project

Friday June 24, GH-S271 and N421

Begin work on project, division of labor, order primers, etc.