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2011-04-25 Minutes

University Centers Advisory Board

Spring Quarter 2011 Meeting #05, Week 05

Monday, April 25, 2011 3:00pm

Warren College Room, Price Center West

Chair Nicole Metildi called the regular meeting of the University Centers Advisory Board to order on Monday, April 25, 2011 at 3:00pm in Warren College Room in the Price Center at the University of California, San Diego.

Nicole Metildi (Chair), Zoe Seher (Vice- Chair), Albert Trujillo (Muir), Natalie Miller (ERC), Jason Thornton (Alumni), Elizabeth Elman (Student at Large), Jessica Hsi (Marshall), Sharon Van Bruggen (University Centers)


Erik van Esselstyn (Student at Large), Ratna Paramita (Revelle), Emily Marx (Staff Rep), Josh Grossman (Warren), Kevin Lu (Sixth), Aries Yumi (SAAC), Manuel Ruidiaz (GSA), Kristina Pham (AS), Roxanne Schleben (Secretary), Leo Trottier (GSA),

Minutes from 4/18 meeting were not ready yet for review and approval.


Public Input
Sigma Chi equested $500 tech fee subsidy for its Derby Days program


Announced strategic planning meeting is difficult to schedule; Debbie will need to book the best meeting for the most people as its too hard to get everyone

Budget Committee will meet on Friday at 2pm in the Revelle College Room.

Announced member at-large application would be ready by Wednesday; asked how others heard about it and determined word of mouth is very important; encouraged members to tell their peers.

Vice Chair

Update on college room displays: Zoe and Sharon working together to create a mock up design for Revelle College; Zoe securing meeting the Council of College Deans through contact Renee Barnett-Terry, Dean of Revelle

Space Allocation – postponed until Paul returns; Zoe shared draft criteria (should be noted as draft on slide); committee to discuss criteria at space allocation meeting next week

University Centers Director (Sharon filling in)
Tech fee waiver budget: $1,950.

Progress update on space 1605 lounge and possible Gameroom move; Van Bruggen will bring designs to a future UCAB meeting for feedback

Member Reports

New business

Approved $500 tech fee subsidy for Sigma Chi.

Old Business

Open forum

Elizabeth asked if new condom dispensers should be wall mounted or stand-alone.


Chair Nicole Metildi adjourned the meeting at 3:45pm