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2011-04-04 Minutes

University Centers Advisory Board

Spring Quarter 2011 Meeting #02, Week 02

Monday, April 4, 2011 3:00pm

Bear Room, Price Center West

Chair Nicole Metildi called the regular meeting of the University Centers Advisory Board to order on Monday, April 4, 2011 at 3:08pm in Bear Room in the Price Center at the University of California, San Diego.

Nicole Metildi (Chair), Zoe Seher (Vice- Chair), Jessica Hsi (Marshall), Ratnaganadi Paramita (Revelle), Albert Trujillo (Muir),  Elizabeth Elman (Student at Large), Erik van Esselstyn (Student at Large), Jason Thornton (Alumni), Paul Terzino (University Centers)


Josh Grossman (Warren), Kevin Lu (Sixth),  Natalie Miller (ERC), Aries Yumi (SAAC), Manuel Ruidiaz (GSA), Kristina Pham (AS), Roxanne Schleben (Secretary), Emily Marx (Staff Rep), Leo Trottier (GSA)


Elizabeth moved to approve the draft minutes of the 3/28 meeting, Erik seconded the motion. Motion passed by consensus.


Public Input
no public input


Nicole discussed the latest on the University Centers fee referendum.  She asked for as much assistance as possible from UCAB members.  

The strategic planning committee will meet after the election.

Budget committee will meet in a couple of weeks, please respond to doodle meeting request.

Announced Spring quarter member selection process: at-large members (2), Chair, and Vice-Chair.  Paul noted that in the past the campus has been alerted via announcements in Student Flyers.  Last year that produced a fairly strong at-large candidate pool.  Selection will take place on or about 7th week.

Vice Chair
Zoe reported that she met with Revelle Dean Rene Barnett-Terry regarding Price Center meeting room re-naming project.  Dean Barnett-Terry was very enthusiastic about the project and invited Zoe the next Dean's meeting.  Zoe will work with Sharon Van Bruggen to create some parameters/guidelines/direction that will then be shared with Deans at the meeting.

Zoe and Paul went over the student org office space allocation timeline and marketing plan.

University Centers Director

Tech fee waiver budget: $3,350.

Paul discussed concerns with misuse of the Media Lounge.  Suggested the concept of a media lounge is not as relevant as it was when created many years ago.  Asked board to consider allowing Space Allocation committee the freedom to re-allocate space for a different use.

Paul asked board to consider request to close PC at 9pm on Sun God.  Purpose of early closure is to help project building and support Sun God by encouraging attendance at RIMAC field event.  It was noted that in prevous several years, PC closed at 7pm.

Brief update to Exec Advisory Committee, which is now being formed.

Retail update:
    Hair Salon RFP re-issued, there will be a manadatory meeting of any business that wishes to submit a proposal in mid April
    Mexican Restaurant: waiting campus approval of this new concept.
    Space 1311: marketing developing a survey.

New business

Board approved closing Price Center at 9pm on Sun God.

Discussed idea of allowing Space Allocation Committee freedom to re-allocate use of Media Lounge for another student-friendly space.  General consensus was to move forward with a change.  Paul asked for board to quickly think of other options/uses.

Old Business

Discussed request tabled from last week to allocate space for "Students with Children".  Discussed pros and cons of open access so that when not used by students with children, others may use the room.  Discussed whether door to room should have a key-code lock or open access with signage stating the room is designated a "family friendly" study room, and priority given to students with small children.
    Nicole asked members to go back to constituents to obtain feedback.

Open forum

Elizabeth reported that condom and dental dam dispensers will be installed in PC West theater lobby rest rooms and PC East rest rooms.  After discussion, decided to place in PC East level one rest rooms adjacent to Group Study Rooms.  Dispensers will be labeled noting that AS sponsored the machines and products, and that more info can be obtained through Student Health.  Cost will be between $.05 and .25. 


Chair Nicole Metildi adjourned the meeting at 3:52pm