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2011-02-15 Minutes

University Centers Advisory Board

Winter Quarter 2011 Meeting #7, Week 7

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 2:00pm

Roosevelt College Room


Chair Nicole Metildi called the regular meeting of the University Centers Advisory Board to order on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at 2:03pm in Eleanor Roosevelt College Room in the Price Center at the University of California, San Diego.



Present: Nicole Metildi (chair), Zoe Seher (vice chair), Roxanne Schleben (secretary), Jessica Hsi (Marshall), Josh Grossman (Warren), Albert Trujillo (Muir), Kristina Pham (AS), Jason Thornton (alumni), Leo Trottier (GSA), Erik Van Esselstyn (Student at Large), Elizabeth Elman (Student at Large), Paul Terzino (University Centers)


Absent: Natalie Miller (ERC),  Aries Yumi (SAAC), Manuel Ruidiaz (GSA),Ratnaganadi Paramita (Revelle), Kevin Lu (Sixth),  Garry Radcliff (student life)



Elizabeth moved to approve the minutes from last week, Jessica seconded. Motion passed by consensus



Elizabeth announced that the SSC and AS event she announced last week will take place tonight.


Public Input

Tech Fee Waivers

Afghan Student Association requested tech fee waivers of 407 dollars total for five of their Afghan Awareness Week events. The events will commence on February 28th and end March 2nd. Events will be held on library walk, the SSC Multipurpose Room and PC West Ballroom. The events on library walk will include informational booths, food booths, and community speakers.




Nicole announced that Lyn, who is to present her Salon proposal for the Price Center to UCAB, was not able to attend today’s meeting because of a time conflict. She will attend the next meeting.


Coops update: still waiting for Langwasser to complete financials.


The Strategic Planning Committee will meet this Thursday at 2pm in the Senate Chambers (on the 4th floor of the Price Center.)


She and Paul with meet with AS and GSA next week to continue discussing the University Centers Fee increase.


Nicole also reported that the University Centers fee increase was announced on the first page of the Guardian. There was also an opinion article which presented an uninformed opinion on the fee increase. She invited UCAB members to write an informed, dissenting opinion in favor of the University Centers fee increase.


Vice Chair

Zoe announced the status of the action items. A new student LEED EB Coordinator was hired; she will begin working on the LEED action item this week. Jessica Baltmanas, a university centers student employee, is working on the nutritional information audits for the price center restaurants.


University Centers Director

Paul reported that the guidelines for space allocation are under revision. He asked UCAB members to communicate suggestions to him. After some discussion Paul had sufficient input to make positive adjustments to the application.


The SANGAM students are in the process of organizing a focus group for the Bombay Coast.


He also announced that he and Nicole will organize a 2011-12 Budget Committee Meeting.


The Black Student Union requested a mural space on campus. The proposed location is on the wall behind space 1605, facing Lyman Lane.


Member Reports 


Muir College Representative

Albert reported that he discussed the updated Espresso Roma menu with his college council. They agreed as a group that they could not picture students eating dinner at Espresso Roma and they individually commented on the updated menu items. Albert shared the ideas with Paul.


New Business


Elizabeth motioned to fund 187 dollars of the tech fee for the Afghan Awareness Week event in PC West Ballroom, Josh seconded. Motion passed by consensus.


Elizabeth motioned to fund 88 dollars of the tech fee for the Afghan Awareness Week event on Library Walk, Zoe seconded. Jason objected because he does not believe that the tech fees for events on Library Walk should be funded through the University Centers.  Motion did not pass.


Elizabeth motioned to indefinitely table the vote on funding the tech fees for the three Afghan Awareness Week events in the Multipurpose Room, Zoe seconded. Motion passed by consensus, meaning Multipurpose Room events were not funded.


Old Business

UCAB discussed the University Centers fee increase. 


Elizabeth moved to approve the 7th draft of the University Centers Fee Increase Referendum, Kristina seconded. Motion passed by consensus.


Roll Call

All still present.



Chair Nicole Metildi adjourned the meeting at 3:14pm.