is a workshop series designed to enhance your understanding and skills in communication and leadership.  We offer a flexible schedule that allows you to choose workshop sessions that align with your individual interests and schedule.  Receive a stamp for each session you attend; 10 stamps earn you a certificate of completion and invitation to the Center for Student Involvement recognition event held in May.


Based on the Student Affairs Learning Outcomes,  our curriculum explores leadership and communication skills in the realms of personal understanding, group interactivity, civic engagement, and professional development.  Topics include determining your personal leadership style, managing conflict, the art of small talk conversations, and networking, to name a few.  Additionally, we partner with various campus departments (such as Career Services Center, Student Health Services, and the Cross Cultural Center) who offer leadership and communication "practice" topics as part of our series.  Workshops are fun and they provide an opportunity for participants to engage one another in a meaningful and respectful way.

 The program is open to all students and workshops are offered throughout the academic year at various times to accommodate students' busy schedules.  All workshops are free and open on a drop-in basis. 

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CSI-Communication and Leadership
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iLead is coordinated by CSI-Communication and Leadership, a department in Student Life at UC San Diego.  

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