Launch 021: LDP01

On Sunday February 12, 2017, a group of UCSD undergraduate students, graduate student Spencer Ellis (KK6PNN), two mentors Phil Karn (KA9Q) and Karl Cain (KC6B) , and Professor John Kosmatka launched a small balloon with the hope of it reaching Europe. The balloon floats at 42,000 feet and has a small solar powered transmitter and GPS that broadcasts it location during day-light hours to HAM radio towers over the APRS network. The call sign is KK6PNN-5.  The balloon has circled the globe once and is on its second lap. As of Monday (3/6/2017), it is entering Poland heading towards Russia. It is unknown if there are HAM radio towers in Russia, so it may go quiet for a few days. Track it's progress below courtesy of You might need to use the (+/-) buttons to zoom in/out or slide your cursor on the map to move around. Pushing the "HYSPLIT"  button will provide possible flight paths based upon NOAA wind predictions.