Photo Gallery

Photos from the July 17, 2010 balloon launch:

Panoramic view of the edge of space, taken using the UCSD camera pod

Panoramic pictures taken from the UCSD camera pod

Photos from the MAE2 launch (December 5, 2009):


Slideshow of upper atmosphere photos taken on the MAE2 launch

Center photo: filling balloon with Helium. Left: Preparing to release balloon.
 Right: Balloon released, payload chain visible.

  Picture taken from balloon shortly after takeoff

       View from balloon: Lower atmosphere

      View from balloon: Above the cloud deck

  View from balloon: Upper atmosphere

    View from balloon: Near the apogee (88,000 ft.) Salton Sea is visible in the
bottom right, and curvature of the earth is clear.

    View from balloon: near apogee. Blackness of space contrasts
 with the blue of the Earth.

View from balloon: Descent after burst, over the farm
fields south of the Salton Sea.

Recovery: Payload chain visible, with parachute on right.

Photos from the High School Outreach launch (November 7, 2009):

 Ready to release balloon

             Payload Chain                                                     Parachute                                   

  Command Module                      Filled balloon and parachute
                                                                                                                                                              prior to releasing balloon

         Balloon track (launch site on left, near tip of the Salton Sea.)
Tracking shown is from APRS data received from a
 backup HAM radio module on the balloon.

    3D plot of the balloon trajectory, plotted using Google Earth.
(Discontinuity in path is due to temporary loss of signal from balloon).