Coffee Hour Instructions

Below are a few instructions on how to host a coffee hour. If you still have any questions, please email us at and can answer any questions you have.

Our Budget for each coffee hour is under $100-$120 (~$70 for coffee and ~$30-$50 for donuts/snacks), so please try to keep it UNDER that amount.

Coffee Pickup
We usually get our coffee from Cups. This is the coffee cart behind the stone bear.

1-2 days before, one person needs to go and notify Cups that we would like to place an order for 6 carafes of coffee to be picked up 15 min before the event starts (2:45pm). You can choose the coffee flavors yourself; if it's warm, you can choose 2-3 carafes to be iced coffee. You can pay when you order, or when you pickup.

On the day of, bring a friend or two and carry the carafes to the grad lounge. A cart can be helpful if you have access to one. Don't forget to ask for paper cups, half and half and milk, sugar, stir rods, and napkins if they don't give them to you already. Keep your recipt to get reimbursed later!

Donut/Snack Pickup
We usually also have donuts or snacks at our coffee hours. Feel free to do other foods like ice cream, cookies, fruit, dip, etc. if you want a change of pace. Vons tends to have great prices on cakes and other assorted baked goods.

Get the donuts or snacks from wherever you like.  One inexpensive and locally-owned donut place we like is Golden Donuts, on Governor south of campus.  (4041 Governor Dr, 858-455-6844)

Golden Donuts

Order enough donuts for 50-70 people (should be no more than ~$60 or $70).   Keep the donuts in your office or somewhere safe since they'd probably slowly disappear if they were kept in the grad lounge. Keep all receipts to get reimbursed later.

If you'd rather do something other than donuts, you can always go to a nearby supermarket (ie Costco, Ralphs, Vons, etc.) and find some snacks from the bakery section. Again, get roughly $30-50 worth, enough for some 30-50 people to each have a little taste.

Setup on the Day
Aside from picking up coffee and donuts, also print out a sign-in sheet (attached at the bottom) for people to write their names. This is very important if you want to get reimbursed! Also bring up a pen.

About 15 min before, bring the coffee, donuts, and sign-in sheet up to the grad lounge. 

Clean up After the Event
After we're done, clean up the grad lounge. Dispose of any used cups and empty boxes; wipe the counter and conference table, and any spills.

Bring the carafes back to Cups.


1. Fill out the attached form (see below). Check "Department per Capita (DPC)." The appropriation # is GSADECE 

2. Bring the form, sign-in sheets, and receipts to Stephanie Luu, the GSA Fund Manager. Her office is located in the Student Life Business Operations office, 3636 Price Center East [2 stories above Burger King].

You should get your money as a check or direct deposited in a few weeks.

Again, if you have any questions, email and we'll help you out!

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