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Ice Cream Hour Instructions

Ice Cream Hour Instructions

We hold ice cream hours in the 3rd floor grad lounge or out on the balcony, and provide ice cream and refreshments (i.e. soda or juice).

What to buy:

Before the event, check our storage room by the grad lounge to make sure we have bowls, spoons, cups, and ice cream cones.  If we’re low on any of the above (we should have enough for 50 people), you’ll need to get some.  Also see if we’ve got any leftover ice cream.  If you’re not an ECE member, you’ll need to ask one of your friendly ECE execs to go in the room and check for you.

In the summer
In the summer, decent turnout will be around 30 people, and with that many we’ll probably need 4 quarts (1 gallon) of ice cream and 4 two-liters of pop.  (For pop, try 1 regular Coke/Pepsi, 1 diet Coke/Pepsi, 1 Root Beer, and you choose the 4th) Expect the total cost to be $12 for pop + $15-20 for ice cream = $25-35 or thereabouts.

During the school year
During the school year, plan for 75 people.  We’ll probably need 8 quarts (2 gallons) of ice cream and 6 two-liters of pop. (For pop, try 2 regular Coke/Pepsi, 2 diet Coke/Pepsi, 2 Root Beer, and you choose the other 2) Expect the total cost to be $20 for pop + $30-40 for ice cream = $50-60 or thereabouts.

If you want to store the ice cream in the freezer and the pop in the fridge in our storage room, you’ll need to ask one of your friendly ECE execs to let you in the room.

Keep your receipt!  You’ll need it for reimbursement.  If you lose your receipt, Ralph’s may be able to print you out another if you used your Ralph’s card or a credit card.

On the day of the event:

Make a sign-in sheet with the name of the event and the date at the top, and space at the bottom for people to sign in.  Leave it with a pen on the table with the ice cream and pop.  Keep this sign-in sheet - you’ll need it for reimbursement.

About 10 minutes before the event is supposed to start, set out the ice cream, etc.

After we're done, clean up the grad lounge. Dispose of any trash; wipe the counter and conference table, and any spills.

How to get reimbursed:

1. Fill out the reimbursement form. Check "Department per Capita (DPC)." The appropriation # is GSADECE

2. Bring the form, sign-in sheets, and receipts to Stephanie Luu, the GSA Fund Manager. Her office is located in the Student Life Business Operations office, 3636 Price Center East [2 stories above Burger King].
You should get your money as a check or direct deposited in a few weeks.

If you have any questions, email one of the ECE execs and we'll help you out!