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ECE Grad lounge foosball/ping pong tourney 2011

posted May 9, 2011, 1:09 PM by ECE GSC
Hello fellow ECE Students and leisure sport afficinados,
I announce to you the ECE Grad Lounge Foosball/Ping Pong Tourney 2011.
A tournament of the ages, this competition will be a single elimination bracket based tournament played out on the ECE Grad Lounge and possibly outside.  There will be music, snacks, beverages (quite possibly adult beverages), and of course, prizes for the winners of both competitions!  
Currently, the tourney is scheduled to take place Friday May 20th starting at 4:30pm and continuing until 1 team in each bracket is standing alone at the top.
How do I sign up?  Well, I'm glad you asked.  Sign up Spreadsheet  Just put your name and your partner's name in the boxes along with your team name (for foosball) or sign up as a single to get paired up at a later time.  We will also be offering a single's ping pong tournament.
Of course, this tournament is contingent on having enough people sign up to play in it.  So please invite friends in the ECE department and perhaps friends in other Graduate departments.  As long as they are 21 we can probably allow them to play.  
More rules will be announced in the future.