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This discussion group is composed of graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and faculty in the UCSD community with an interest in STEM education.  Our discussions focus on science education pedagogy, mentoring, and policy with an emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion. 

We meet once a month for ~1 hr to discuss items of interest to the group selected by a rotating Discussion Moderator.  These items can include, but don’t have to be limited to, research studies, essays, seminar/meeting review, news articles, websites and audiovisual media such as podcasts.  Inviting a guest to speak on a particular topic is also encouraged!  See Moderator Roles for more details. 

We welcome the involvement of all those who are interested!

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  • Summary of April 5th meeting: PKAL meeting mentoring workshop + STEM Ed&Div future meeting ideas

    Hi all,


    We started off today’s meeting by discussing a workshop from the recent PKAL Regional Network Meeting at UCSD entitled, “Mentoring Undergraduate Researchers through Inclusive, Effective, and Equitable Practices.” We talked about different mentoring styles. I’ve tracked down an iteration of a resource mentioned in the workshop called, “Questionnaire for Aligning Expectations in New Mentoring Relationships.” The questionnaire on p. 3 of the linked document could be used to start communication between mentors and mentees about their expectations for the mentoring experience. We also discussed various strategies for informing undergrads about laboratory research opportunities and for selecting undergrad researchers. We emphasized in our discussion the importance of increasing research opportunities and removing bias from the selection process.


    We (5 grad students and 1 post doc) ended today’s meeting with a meta-discussion / brainstorm for future STEM Ed & Div meeting topics. In addition to our usual article discussion format, suggested ideas include:

    • Invite speakers
      • Speakers: Center for Teaching + Learning members, DBER researchers in STEM and social sciences, community college faculty
      • Topics: best-practice teaching methods, how to start a DBER project, how to become community college faculty
    • Workshop/discuss our current teaching, mentoring, and professional projects
      • Discuss our summer mentoring experiences & compile a resource based on our experiences
      • Get together to practice teaching, get feedback on lesson plans, help each other with CVs, research DBER topics, etc.
    • Compile an updated list of resources to be posted on our STEM Education & Diversity google site. Resource ideas include: STEM Ed & Div alumni available for info interviews, on-campus resources for doing DBER, seeking STEM Ed post docs/teaching positions, etc.
      • Note – reach out to Center for Teaching + Learning, UCSD Career Center, Post-doc association, etc. – many compiled resources exist


    We’d love to hear your ideas! Email Antonia (adarragh@ucsd.edu) or Amelia (akrichar@ucsd.edu) or comment on this post.


    Thanks for a great meeting!




    Posted Apr 5, 2017, 1:51 PM by Amelia Richardson
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