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Name: Camelai

Species: Clouded Leopard

Age: 22


Other Information: Cami is, essentially, me.  So, if you know me, you know Cami and, uh... vice versa?  So, personality wise... she is usually happy and cheerful.  She is outgoing and talkative around her friends, but somewhat shy around strangers.   She is girly and likes to dress up and look nice.  She is an artist and she studies Marine Biology.  She loves warm weather, the beach and nature of all kinds.  She loves dancing Argentine Tango and when she can't dance, she's listening to tango music.  She also loves Broadway musicals, especially The Phantom of the Opera.  Her favorite movie is Moulin Rouge!  She lives with her boyfriend, Tai.


Name: Tai

Species: Siberian Tiger

Age: 21

Reference: Coming soon!

Other Information: Tai is the character I created to represent my boyfriend.  So, in the same way that Cami "is" me, Tai "is" my boyfriend.  He also represents my "muse" if you will, or inspiration.  Tai is also and Argentine Tango dancer, and he also does judo.  He is a writer and an amateur photographer.  He is studying Chemistry.  He is more quiet where Cami is  talkative.  He and Cami share a similar sense of humor, which may be regarded as rather dorky by the world at large.  "Dork" is a term of endearment for them.  Tai likes a lot of the same movies Cami does, and endures the ones he doesn't without complaint.  Tai and Cami have been together for two years.


Name: Arandrahe

Species: Melanistic (black) leopard

Age: 25


  Other Information: Aran was created as a roleplaying character on the game Furcadia, but turned into more of a representation of myself when I found no RP places on Furc.  She stayed that way until I created Cami as a representation of me, and now Aran is free to be who I originally intended her to be.  She has a lot of elven/Amazon feel to her.  I haven't had the opportunity to flesh her character out much yet.  She is stern and seems to have little sense of humor.  She is an archer with deadly accurate aim, and her magical bow provides an endless supply of arrows.  If I ever get the chance to RP her, I will add more information here.


Name: Casidhe

Species: Half-elven, half-human

Age: About 50, appears to be about 25.

Reference: Coming soon!

Other Information: Casidhe is another character created for roleplay.  I have gotten to play her a lot though, and have also started writing a novel about her parents, so I have a LOT of information on her.  I'll stick to the basics.  Her mother was an elf, her father a human.  The couple and their child lived with humans, as the elves would not accept the interracial marriage.  For various reasons, the marriage went bad and Casidhe's father ran off.  Her mother took Casidhe back home to raise her among the elves, but they were both looked down upon.  Casidhe has the fair skin of her mother, but the raven hair of her father, which branded her as an outcast in elven society.  She grew up with only one person to talk to, an elder elf who taught her fire magic.  Once she was grown and accomplished in her magic, she left to travel and live on her own.  She is very stubborn and lets nothing get in her way.  She travels from kingdom to kingdom, wherever her magic is needed.  She has recently acquired a traveling companion and apprentice in the form of a young runaway named Arya.