The graduate students in Islamic and Middle East Studies are pleased to announce the 3rd Annual Graduate Student Islamic Studies Conference at UC Santa Barbara.
This conference, by emphasizing women’s participation in the transmission and production of Islamic knowledge from pre-modern to contemporary contexts, is an inquiry into the various ways in which the reconstitution of female authority is advancing egalitarian principles within the Islamic tradition and creating a heightened gender consciousness in Islamic discourses.  This conference includes academic and interdisciplinary perspectives in order to discuss the traditional and emergent representations of women and gender in Islamic intellectual thought and address how increased interpretative authority among women activists impacts legal and ethical reform in Islamic law and influences conversations of female agency in both Muslim majority and non-Muslim majority countries. This conference promises to be an exciting and engaging event with speakers from across the U.S. and abroad and we would like to invite the larger UCSB and UC community to join us. 

March 8th – March10th

Loma Pelona Conference Center, UCSB

9:00am – 5:30pm

Loma Pelona, UC Santa Barbara, CA 93117

Keynote Speakers

Amina Wadud
Professor Emerita of
Islamic Studies and
Visiting Scholar, Starr King
School for the Ministry

Khaled Abou El Fadl
Omar and Azmeralda Alfi
Distinguished Professor of
Islamic Law, UCLA

Kathleen Moore
Professor of Religious
Studies and Law &
Society, UCSB

Plenary Speakers

Zainab Alwani

Assistant Professor of
Islamic Studies,
Howard University

Mirjam Künkler
Assistant Professor of
Near Eastern Studies,
Princeton University

Asma Sayeed
Assistant Professor of
Islamic Studies, UCLA