The name of this organization shall be The Photonics Society at the University of California, Riverside (UCR).


The objectives of the Chapter shall be:

1. to promote awareness of optical science and optical engineering among students and local communities, nationally and internationally,

2. to facilitate communication and interaction between students, faculty, administration and industry professionals

3. to interact with The Optical Society of America (OSA)/The Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) and members and its student organizations with a focus on information sharing and networking, and

4. to promote professional development and post‐graduation opportunities for students.



 A. Eligibility for Membership

Membership in the Chapter is open to all currently enrolled students, without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, color, disability, national origin, age, or marital status. At least 50% of the organization’s membership must be made up of undergraduate and/or graduate students. Students enrolled at the University Extension Center do not count towards the minimum number requirement.


B. Categories of Membership

The classes of membership include Members and Voting Members. Members must be current UCR students who are interested in the optical sciences, and have shared their contact information with the Chapter. In addition to sharing their contact information, Voting Members must also be a member of either OSA, SPIE, or both societies, by paying the membership fee(s) to the respective societies.


C. Number of Members

The Chapter must have at least five voting OSA Student Members and ten voting  SPIE Student Members at all times.


A. Chapter Officers Qualifications

1. All officers and sub-officers shall be full time students of UC Riverside, members of good standing of the chapter, and voting members of OSA and/or SPIE.

2. All committees shall be assigned by majority vote of elected officers.


B. Nominations and Elections

1. The elected officers will be President, Vice President of OSA Affairs, Vice President of SPIE Affairs, Treasurer, and Secretary.

2. Officers will be elected by majority vote of voting members of OSA and/or SPIE.

3. Nomination of officers shall be conducted by voting members of OSA and/or SPIE

i. Vice president of OSA/SPIE Affairs can only receive votes from voting members of their respective societies (OSA or SPIE).

4. Nominations shall be open for three weeks after the first meeting during the Spring Quarter.

5. In the case of a vacant office, the officers may nominate a voting member to fulfill the position.


C. Duties of Officers

1. President — Organize and run meetings efficiently, make executive decisions, and public relations.

2. Vice President of OSA Affairs — To preside over chapter activities, and responsible for all OSA Chapter requirements, including but not limited to:

submitting the OSA annual report and all activity grants accurately and in a timely manner.

3. Vice President of SPIE Affairs —To preside over chapter activities, and responsible for all SPIE Chapter requirements, including but not limited to:

submitting the SPIE annual report, program reports and all activity grants accurately and in a timely manner.

4. Treasurer — To be responsible for the financial obligations to the chapter, coordinate payment of dues, and distribute funds accordingly.

5. Secretary — To take minutes of all chapter meetings and to be responsible for all correspondence of the chapter. To maintain communications with OSA/SPIE. Responsible for submitting annual reports to the OSA and SPIE parent organizations.


D. Term of Office

The term of all officers shall begin at the end of Spring quarter and continue until the end of Spring quarter the following year.


E. Removal From Office

1. An elected officer can be removed from office for professional misconduct and/or failing to perform responsibilities assigned to their position with support from evidence.

2. The accused will be given two weeks to testify from time of accusation.

3. Any member can report misconduct to other elected officers.

4. Removal will be determined by a two-thirds vote by voting members.

5. An appeal can be submitted and can be ratified with a two-thirds vote by voting members.


F.  Committees

1. The Officers and the Faculty Advisor shall make up the Executive Committee.

2. The standing committees shall consist of from two (2) to five (5) members of the Chapter.

3. The Executive Committee shall determine and appoint any committees deemed necessary and proper to fulfill the objectives of the organization.


A. Meetings

1. The Chapter shall hold at least three meetings during the school year, with the exact date determined by the officers.

2. Notice of all meetings shall be posted on the Department (or other appropriate) Bulletin Board at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the meeting, and may be further publicized in any manner the President (and/or Publicity Committee) deems necessary and proper.

3. Any activities which are illegal, potentially dangerous, or prohibited by the Chapter’s University, are strictly forbidden.


The University shall have the right to audit the financial records of this organization. If the organization will receive funding from Associated Student at UCR (ASUCR) or the Graduate Student Association (GSA), the organization must comply with all funding policies and procedures issued by the funding authority.


A. Dues/Membership Fees

1.  The Board of Directors of OSA shall set the regular annual dues for all OSA Student members

2.  The Board of Directors of SPIE shall set the regular annual dues for all SPIE Student members.

3.  OSA and/or SPIE Student membership dues shall be paid directly to their respective parent organizations.

4.  The Chapter membership shall be authorized to suggest a voluntary contribution to the Chapter Treasury.

This amount may be classified as Chapter dues and shall be paid directly to the Chapter treasury for use by the Chapter. OSA and SPIE shall be notified of the amount.

5. The Chapter will manage any reporting of income and requirements to maintain tax exemption from municipal, state/provincial and national governments.


A. Selection of Advisors

1. The Advisor shall be a member of the faculty, a current member of both OSA and SPIE, and have the written endorsement of the Department Head.

2. The Faculty Advisor shall serve the Chapter, OSA and SPIE as an intermediary and resource person.


A. Proposing Amendments

1. Amendments to constitution may be proposed by any member to elected officers. 

2. The proposal must be sent out to members within five business days of proposal.  Voting shall take place electronically. 

3. A two-thirds vote will be required for ratifying amendment will go into effect immediately as soon as it is approved UCR Student Life, OSA and SPIE Headquarters.

B.  Obligations

1.  OSA and SPIE Chapters are part of the student chapter of The Photonics Society.

2.  The Photonics Society is required to use the proper Chapter name, logo, and other trademarks as directed by OSA/SPIE.

3.  When promoting any events funded by OSA/SPIE, the Chapter must use the official Student Chapter logo provided by the Chapter.

4. The Chapter shall submit an annual Chapter Management Grant Application and Annual Report to the Societies’ Membership and Education Services Council every year. OSA/SPIE may declare the Chapter inactive if the Chapter fails to submit this document for two (2) or more consecutive years. The Application and Report must include a verification of the online roster of the Chapter members.

5. If a Chapter does not rectify the situation for which it was given probationary status or fails to comply with OSA or SPIE guidelines, its Charter will be revoked by action of the OSA Board of Directors or SPIE Board of Directors. A Student Chapter’s Charter may also be revoked if its continuance is considered by the Board of Directors not to be in the best interest of the OSA/SPIE.