Welcome to The Perfect Prom Project

Providing free prom attire to high school girls in Central Illinois since 2005. 

Dear PPP supporters, volunteers, and prom gown recipients, 

Thank you for your years of moral support. In our past 8 years, we have been fortunate enough to help over 800 girls go to prom. We've done this through donations of prom dresses, accessories, and volunteer hours. 

Unfortunately, we have never had much monetary support. The founder and members of The Perfect Prom Project have paid for our expenses out of pocket. These members are students themselves. The founder works on a teacher's salary and has had to tighten her belt as her husband went back to school this year. Because of this, she can no longer afford the annual $1000 expense of operating the Perfect Prom Project (storage unit, website, U-Haul truck, etc.) 

After much deliberation, we have had to make the difficult decision not to host our annual prom boutique this year.  The Perfect Prom Project will be on hiatus for the next couple of seasons. 

Thank you again for your support. 
We hope you have a happy prom season! 

Autumn Bryant
Founder of The Perfect Prom Project

The Legacy...

The Perfect Prom Project is a Registered Student Organization at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  It was founded in the summer of 2005 by Autumn Griffin, a UIUC graduate student who wanted to make sure that every girl in Champaign county could feel beautiful and confident on her prom night.

The mission of the Perfect Prom Project is, through collaboration with campus and community members, to provide high school girls in and around Central Illinois with free prom dresses and accessories.

The institution of Prom has become an American tradition.  For many, it is a milestone in their own or their daughters' lives. 

We hope every girl who wants to experience it can do so with confidence.

The Perfect Prom Project's success is based on the contributions of its members and the community.

Past Presidents of the Perfect Prom Project:
1 - Autumn
Griffin (2005-2006)
2 - Allison Castillo (2006-2007)
3 - Katie Hansen (2007-2008)
4 - Laura Chavez (2008-2009)
5 - Victoria Kilinskis & Lindsey Soble (2009-2010)
6 - Tara Schanks (2010-2011)
7 - Grace Barker (2011-2012)
8 - Emilia Wadolowski (2012-2013)

Upcoming Events
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Donate to The Perfect Prom Project

The Perfect Prom Project, an organization run exclusively by college students just a few years older than the high school girls they help, has given away nearly 870 dresses in its first 8 years!

Please help these students continue this organization by donating money to help cover operating costs such as the dress storage unit, U-Haul trucks for Boutique day, printing costs, and website costs.

By donating just $10, you can sponsor the Perfect Prom for a wonderful girl.

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