Get a Dress: Boutique Day

The Perfect Prom Project distributes its dresses to girls through their annual Perfect Prom Project Boutique held in April at the University of Illinois Illini Union in Urbana, IL.

To receive a free dress and accessory, high school girls need only to present at the door a high school ID from a high school in Champaign County, IL or ANY OTHER Central Illinois county or any ID showing you are of high school age. 

All high school girls are welcome. We believe that nobody should have to pay to look or feel like a princess; need is not a factor.

At the Perfect Prom Project Boutique, girls can try on as many dresses as they like in private dressing rooms and are assisted by a volunteer "personal shopper."

Parents, family members, or friends are also welcome to attend.  

Photo: "Preparing for Prom" (2008)

8th Annual Boutique Day - 2013:

Location: Levis Faculty Center
919 West Illinois Street
Urbana, Illinois 61801

Date: Sunday, April 7, 2013

Time: 10am - 4pm


Thank you to those who have signed up to volunteer this year.  Please remember to wear comfortable shoes. 

Get a Dress:
High school girls from central and southern Illinois are welcomed to attend the boutique.  There is NO proof of residency requirement and NO proof of financial need required.  All high school girls are encouraged to attend.  Just show your high school ID at the door to enter.  If you don't have your high school ID, you can present a government ID that shows you are of high school age. 

Parents and friends may enter the boutique, but are not allowed to hold dresses for girls.  Volunteer personal shoppers will help girls select a maximum of 5 dresses at a time to try on.  Each girl may choose one FREE PROM DRESS, one free pair of shoes, and one free accessory.

Help Us:
Each year, The Perfect Prom Project spends nearly $1000 in operating costs. These costs help us give away approximately 100 dresses per year.  That means it costs about $10 per dress we give away.  These operating costs are paid for by the college students who run the organization and the organization's' founder, a 2004/2006 (BA/MA) graduate of the University.

Operating yearly costs include

         Storage unit = $480
         U-Haul rental = $54
         Website domain $96
         Printing costs = $50
         Marketing costs = $75 
         Mirrors = $45
         Dress bags = $100
+      Packing materials, decorations, and other supplies = $100
$1000 per year to operate The Perfect Prom Project

$1000 operating costs ÷ 100 high school girls = $10 per girl

By donating just $10, you can help us give away a prom dress, shoes, and accessories to one more girl.

Won't you be someone's fairy godmother and keep our organization alive?
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The Annual Perfect Prom Project - Boutique Day
Year 1 = ~  40 dresses given away in 2006
Year 2 = ~100 dresses given away in 2007
Year 3 = ~150 dresses given away in 2008
Year 4 = ~130  dresses given away in 2009
Year 5 = ~130 dresses given away in 2010
Year 6 = ~130 dresses given away in 2011
Year 7 = ~115 dresses given away in 2012
Year 8 = ~65 dresses given away in 2013
Total = Over 800 free prom dresses given away...and counting!

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