Lukas McNaboe

Masters Student

Klinck 101
Advisor: Michael Dietz

Research Interests:

My research interest is investigating the effect of winter road salting on groundwater quality. Specifically, I'm interested in the long term effects of road-salt chloride in groundwater and the influence of chloride on the mobility of naturally-occurring radium: a known carcinogen and the parent isotope of radon gas.

Funded by the Bridge to the Doctorate Fellowship (a division of the NSF), my master's research seeks to 
(a) evaluate the possibility of increased radium desorption as a result of elevated chloride levels in groundwater samples and 
(b) develop a molecular dynamics simulation of radium desorption from various common minerals as a function of groundwater chloride concentration in order to
(c) recommend a maximum road salt application rate, above which radium desorption occurs.
Part (a) of this research will involve the installation of 3 conventional and 1 multi-level monitoring wells around the Storrs Hall permeable asphalt parking lot.

McNaboe, L. Johnston, C. 2015. Outer-sphere adsorption of para-substituted benzoates on gibbsite: a molecular dynamics investigation. Uconn Digital Commons, Paper 450.