Dan Hale

Masters Student

Office: Klinck 101
Email: daniel.hale@uconn.edu
Advisor: Anita Morzilla

Research Interests:
My research focuses on the human dimensions of natural resources. Specifically, I am interested in Connecticut resident perceptions of roadside tree and forest management. I am a part of the Stormwise program, which aims to create a more resilient roadside forest to reduce power outages. My project involves mailing a self-administered survey to CT residents, asking them how they value trees in their neighborhood. I am exploring how acceptable this new roadside forest management will be, and reasons why it may not be acceptable. I am also using spatial analysis to see how responses to the survey correlate with respondents’ locations. I hope to find a pattern of how urban and rural residents think differently about their trees. My research will help managers understand stakeholder preferences, and tailor the management accordingly.