Amanda Bunce

Masters Student

Office: Building 2

Advisor: John Volin

Research Inte

My research is driven by a passion for all wild places, and protecting the intricate and beautiful ecosystems I’ve had the opportunity to see, and those I haven’t checked out yet.

On a more local level, I am interested in the unique challenge that is southern New England, with its widespread urban-wildland-interface, parks, preserves and working forests. I am interested in the things we do everyday to maintain natural spaces and live so closely with them. The balance of intervention and leaving-it-be that it takes for folks to live here is delicate, and modern ecological concerns have suggested the system could use some adjustment. I want to be a part of the conversation on how we can improve natural spaces and by doing so, improve our own human habitat.

I am a part of the Stormwise project, which is an initiative at UCONN’s NRE department, to look at protecting utility infrastructure and maintaining the beauty and benefits of our urban canopy. We are looking at all the players, opinions and policies involved, as well as new technology for mapping power infrastructure, trees, and predicting trouble areas. My project, specifically, is a biomechanical look at some of the species and forest conditions in Connecticut and how they interact with a dynamic and often fierce wind regime. Some of the things we learn here will help us write a scientifically grounded plan for the management of roadside forests that maintains the forest and all of it’s benefits, while protecting utility infrastructure.