Xfinity X1 vs AT&T Uverse

posted Jul 12, 2013, 11:55 PM by UCompare 2   [ updated Sep 7, 2013, 9:03 AM by Mark Mullinax ]

Comcast Xfinity X1 is the new cable television service platform being introduced in response to the AT and T Uverse package.  Both are similar in the fact that they allow you to access high definition television with the paid subscription, but there are some real differences between the products themselves in the way that recording and playback is accomplished. 

How Xfinity and AT and T Uverse work

In the past, Comcast DVR boxes worked similar to a local computer hard drive that allowed you to store and record television shows from that single terminal without the ability to access those shows from other televisions in different bedrooms for example.  If you recorded a show from your living room TV, you had to play that show back from that TV.  AT&T Uverse entered the market and responded with the ability to DVR a show from one TV and play it back in another room from a separate television.  This concept is being marketed as the whole home DVR system and is quite a nice feature offered by ATandT Uverse vs Xfinity


Comcast is now in full launch mode for its alternative to the AT & T whole home DVR with its own version called the X1 DVR.  Xfinity is rolling out the product which is so new that many of the technicians and sales people aren’t fully aware of its capabilities and limitations yet.  According to one expert all sales people should be trained by mid-July 2013 on the features.  To be able to access the X1 services from Comcast you will need an X1 router or receiver for each of the rooms you will utilize the TV services in, and you will need only one DVR receiver for the main television, which also must be the X1 version of the DVR receiver.  If a DVR receiver from Comcast is an X1 box it will be labeled on the back.  Once installed properly, you will be able to record TV and movies from one television and access them from any other X1 equipped TV regardless of where it was recorded.  In addition, you are not required to pay for multiple DVR boxes and access to On Demand television is included as well.


Uverse and X1 Pricing

In terms of pricing between Comcast X1 and AT&T, Comcast offers better pricing when bundling services if you are comparing strictly the numbers.  Comcast offers the Triple Play which is their bundle of internet, VoIP phone service, and cable television at a rate of about $100 before taxes, but be careful when looking at all the plans.  Just like any of the providers you can be tricked into thinking that receivers and installation are included when they may or may not be depending on your contract.  Currently, Comcast is offering some plans without contracts.  Only time will tell if this proves beneficial because Comcast customer service is known to be some of the WORST in the industry.  In 2013 Comcast ranks as the 3rd worst company in customer service, which is horrible but better than last year when they owned the title as worst in customer service.

ATandT has competitive pricing, but they are not going to be known as the cheapest and it becomes clear when talking to outside sales representatives about discounts that other companies offer.  While AT and T offers incentives like competitors such as DirecTV, Comcast, and Dish Network the idea that you will somehow wheel and deal with them like you would a used car dealer is not in the cards according to research performed in the marketplace.  Again, when AT & T services such as ATT cable are bundled together with phone, internet, and television you will get a better deal, somewhere under $150/month after taxes for around 12 months.       

How Does ATT Uverse Customer Service Compare to Comcast Xfinity?

You may have dealt with either company’s customer service department in the past and feel as though there is no possible way the other company could be worse but from an objective standpoint based on customer data AT&T customer service ranks higher (depending on many metrics) in achieving satisfaction and customer resolution.  This may be why AT&T is willing to offer higher price points to their customers to potentially staff its operation to handle unforeseen incidents in a quicker manner than their counterparts at Comcast.  Comcast offers a $20 guaranteed credit to your account should they miss appointment times or if a technician is not able to repair service when coming to your home at a schedule appointment.  There are limitations to this guarantee with Comcast in regards to how many credits can be used in a 1 month period even if service is not restored after multiple attempts during the same month.  Basically, just know there is a reason why Comcast Xfinity is not the highest ranked company in customer satisfaction.

Author: Mark Mullinax