Who wins Apple's iPhone 5 vs Google Moto X

Although August 1 is the date set to unveil Motorola's new cell phone Moto X wholly owned by Google, photos of the new phone are already leaking out.  The phone will most likely hit stores before the end of August via one of the providers, but it is unclear whether it will be via a contract only provider or unlocked to the public.  

It is rumored that Verizon will be the first carrier to have the phone at the end of August!  Total storage is expected to be 16 Gb with 2 Gb of memory.  

Where to buy Google Moto X is one of the main questions the public will no doubt have and for tech gurus the questions are what are the specs of this highly touted new phone?  Siri, Apple's voice activated personal assistant has been a very positive marketing tool for Apple and it is been leaked that Google's Moto X will have an always on voice assistant of its own that can benefit hands free communications. 
Motorola Moto X by Google

The Moto X will use the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Operating System according to some, which is comparable to Apple's iOS software. 

This would not necessarily be a game changer for Motorola Mobility in attempting to gain further hype over the iPhone 5.  Custom colors and engraving of the back of the actual cell phone are perks the Moto X is said to incorporate as well.  The Moto X will sport a dual core 1.7 MHz Snapdragon microchip in comparison to Apple's 1 GHz speeds on that offered by the iPhone's A6 chip.  The MotoX will have a 720-by-1184 resolution screen compared to that of the iPhone 5's 1136-by-640 LCD touch screen. 
The iPhone 5 has a 4 inch screen size compared to that of the Moto X of 4.7 inches.
Motorola would no doubt need something to overcome its $342 Million Q2 loss and its new phone is rumored to be one of its horses to ride along with it being manufactured in U.S facilities.  the Moto X made in the USA brand is making its way around the internet now.  Apple is constantly having its iPhone compared to every new cell phone coming on the market and this one will be no different.  

Apple's iPhone 5 has nearly 8 hours of battery life, one of the world's most utilized cameras in the cell industry, and its world famous App store and 
Google looks like they have decided to compete on price vs Apple since the iPhone and other new phones have historically been expensive.  When   Motorola unveils its new phone on August 1, we will further investigate its comparisons to Apple's iPhone. 
By Mark Mullinax
Image courtesy of Android Central