What's Happening This Month

Sunday Services

Pastor France will be leading our worship services beginning this month. Come join us for a time set aside for worship and praise to our Great God!

Pulpit Committee Update

We are now the transition team. (TT) The pulpit committee will resume when the TT has completed steps to determine the skills, gifts, talents, and focus needed in our next pastor, based on ministry direction received from the Holy Spirit.

In Learning

In Fellowship

Tuesday morning play group has been suspended for the summer.

On Thursday mornings the seniors gather for a mean game of cards. You don’t know what you’re missing – lots of laughs, food and fun. 

On the third Thursday of each month Greg and Nancy Orvis host the Senior Lunch at Burnham Hall. There is always entertainment beginning at 11:30, with lunch at noon. Donations are accepted. 

Men Under Construction

Way back in 1996 a group of men from the five towns rode the bus down to our nation’s capitol to join one million other men in the Promise Keepers conference, “Men of Integrity”. So rich and moving was this experience that we decided to continue meeting here at home, and have done so for the past sixteen years. Our current gathering spot is The River, location of the Bristol Christian Fellowship. Meeting at 7 a.m. followed by breakfast at Snap’s, our format is patterned after the “KISS” (keep it simple, stupid) slogan of Alcoholics Anonymous – gather, get coffee, pray, read a book or the Bible, discuss, pray, adjourn. Currently we are earnestly engaged in a Bible study on some aspects of the life of David the King. All men are welcome!!

The only criteria for participation are a desire to mature in your relationship with Jesus and to discover how to serve Him in church and community.

So come on down! We can always squeeze in one more seat!

Randy Rice

Youth Ministry

As much as I don't want to admit it, our summer is slowly coming to an end which means Sunday school is just around the corner. The Christian Ed board has been working on the curriculum. What another great year we have in store! With that said, I am short two teachers for the 2017-2018 school year. Maybe you and a friend would like to team teach?  If you are interested in being a teacher again this year we would LOVE to have you! 

You can give me a call if you are interested!

Carolyn - SS Superintendent