What's Happening This Month

Sunday Services

March 26th  John 9:1-41 Ephesians 5:8-14

Truth about Sickness and Sin

Continuing the Lenten Theme:  “What is Truth?”

April 2nd 5th Sunday of Lent.  Ezekiel 37:1-14,  Romans 8:6-11, John 11:1-45 

April 9th Palm Sunday! The Start of Holy Week. Matthew 21:1-11, Philippians 2:5-11, Isaiah 50:4-9a (Did you know this is also called ‘Passion Sunday’? Why you ask? It is referred to as Passion Week because in that time, Jesus Christ truly revealed His passion for us in the suffering He willingly went through on our behalf. What should our attitude be during Passion Week? Well, perhaps we should be passionate in our worship of Jesus and in our proclamation of His Gospel! As followers of Jesus, we cannot and must not have only words, but in action, worship and service, as Jesus did.

April 13th  6:30 p.m. Maundy Thursday Experience  begins with a soup meal downstairs, then a worship time to follow. (Maundy is a word translated as ‘command’ and on this night before his crucifixion, Jesus commanded his disciples to “take of the bread and the cup” and as we do, to remember his death and all it means.)

April 14th  12 noon at St. Ambrose Good Friday Service of the Cross  (our ecumenical worship with the churches of Lincoln, Bristol, New Haven, Monkton and Starksboro)

April 16th 6AM! Easter Sunrise Service at top of Gove Hill (across the bridge and up the hill opposite church) Breakfast at Burnham Hall follows!

9:45 AM  Easter Worship Celebration!  

Matt. 28:1-10, Acts 10:34-43, Colossians 3:1-4 

April 23rd  Second Sunday of Easter….  John 20:19-31,  Acts 2:14a, 22-32  I Peter 1:3-9

April 30th  Third Sunday of Easter….  Luke 24:13-35  Acts 2:14a, 36-41, I Peter 1:17-23

Looking ahead…..
American Baptist Churches of Vt/NH Regional meeting will be May 5th and 6th at the Fireside Inn and Suites in West Lebanon, NH.   Annie Svitavsky, Don Palmore and Karen Wheeler will be our delegates.  If any others are interested in attending, call the church office.  Judy has information on the gathering.  The Theme:  A Sure and Certain Hope; the Church of the Future.
Young Life Golf Tournament  May 22nd   Each golfer raises $750 to play 100 holes!!  Prizes, Piles of Fun, Snacks, Dinner….  All proceeds go to Young Life of Addison County.  If you can’t play, would you consider sponsoring one of the golfers?  So far in our church… Paul Wood, Todd Goodyear, Kevin Tillotson

Pulpit Committee Update

The nine members of the Pulpit  committee are  David Weaver (chair), Jim Brown, Patrice Wassmann(secretary), Ann Pollender, Shari Rowinski, Nancy Schaedel(Co-chair), Steve Danyow, Bill Finger, Heather Estey (assistant secretary)

This committee is responsible for securing an interim minister and searching for candidates for a permanent pastor. Currently our activities are directed at finding an interim minister who will be able to begin serving our church immediately after Pastor Dave retires. This interim pastor will be full-time and will guide us as we go through the process of grieving the loss of Pastor Dave, beginning to discover who we are as a church body without his leadership, and where we see our mission for the future. The interim pastor will serve for possibly 6 to 12 months, and will likely be a retired pastor who is willing to help us through this process but who is not planning on taking a permanent position. There will be opportunities for the church body as a whole to take part in the selection of a permanent pastor and we will do our best to keep you all informed. We will need your participation in this process so that the final choice of a permanent pastor is the right person. This is a big responsibility for the entire congregation as it will influence the direction of our church and the wider community for years to come. We need your prayers!! Please also continue to pray for our beloved Pastor Dave and Donna as they face this large transition in their lives. If you have further questions about this process please ask one of the members of the committee.

In Learning

Centering Prayer Group

Centering Prayer is the opening of mind and heart – our whole being – to God, the Ultimate Mystery, beyond thoughts, words and emotions. We open our awareness to God whom we know by faith is within us, closer than breathing, closer than thinking, closer than choosing - closer than consciousness itself. Contemplative Prayer is a process of interior purification leading, if we consent, to divine union.

We will be starting our group on Saturday, January 7, meeting from 7-8 p.m. at the church. This is open to those of all faiths.  Speak to Glynn or Patrice if you have questions. Contact the church office for their contact information.

In Fellowship

We have fun for the young and old! On Tuesday mornings the play group is meeting upstairs in the nursery for parents with young children, from 9:30 – 10:30. 

On Thursday mornings the seniors gather for a mean game of cards. You don’t know what you’re missing – lots of laughs, food and fun. 

On the third Thursday of each month Greg and Nancy Orvis host the Senior Lunch at Burnham Hall. There is always entertainment beginning at 11:30, with lunch at noon. Donations are accepted. Please note that the Senior Lunch this month will be on Friday , April 28.

Men Under Construction

Way back in 1996 a group of men from the five towns rode the bus down to our nation’s capitol to join one million other men in the Promise Keepers conference, “Men of Integrity”. So rich and moving was this experience that we decided to continue meeting here at home, and have done so for the past sixteen years. Our current gathering spot is The River, location of the Bristol Christian Fellowship. Meeting at 7 a.m. followed by breakfast at Snap’s, our format is patterned after the “KISS” (keep it simple, stupid) slogan of Alcoholics Anonymous – gather, get coffee, pray, read a book or the Bible, discuss, pray, adjourn. Currently we are earnestly engaged in a Bible study on some aspects of the life of David the King. All men are welcome!!

The only criteria for participation are a desire to mature in your relationship with Jesus and to discover how to serve Him in church and community.

So come on down! We can always squeeze in one more seat!

Randy Rice

Youth Ministry

Attention all Children (and their parents!)

We will be welcoming Helen Weston the last Sunday of March and again April 2nd and 9th to work with the children during their Christian Education time. They will be working on something special to present to during the service on Easter Sunday!

FMS/GWG Update! Feed My Sheep has now been updated to include Grow With God. GWG is people in the congregation, and community at large, that are stepping up to help with growing vegetables to help feed those in need. We have received a donation of seeds from High Mowing seed company! Thanks!  We will be planting sooner than you might think - indoors!
Also, there has been a marvelous response to materials needed to continue, and grow, Feed My Sheep. More than 30 people are involved in one way or another! That is feet on the ground ministry! Thank you, and bless you, one and all!

Ten students from the 5-7th grade Sunday School Class took a trip to the Lincoln General Store….
In search to find God….What is He like???? (here are a few of their findings!!!!)

God is like a Newspaper….He knows everything that is going on!
God is like Snyder’s Pretzel Pieces…He is bursting with flavor!
God is like Jolly Ranchers…He is sweet and jolly!
God is like KING size Candy Bars…it is Christ Size-King of Kings!
God is like a cow...He never stops “MOOVING”!
God is like ALL…He gives His All!
God is like a Price Tag….He bought us for a price!
God is like firewood….He makes us feel warm on the inside!
God is like Maple Cookies…He is so naturally sweet!
God is like Life Savers…He saved our lives through Jesus Christ!
God is like double-stuffed Oreos…He is stuffed with Goodness and Love!
God is like a Pay Day…each day He pays us with His love!
God is like Sparklers…He lights the way!
God is like Pure Leaf Drink…when you read His story it’s sweet and the aftertaste isn’t bitter!
God is like Skittles….He is loved by most!
God isn’t like Monster Energy….He is no monster – just full of perfect loving energy!
God isn’t like Butterfingers…He doesn’t have butter fingers so He won’t let you slip away!

Pennies From Heaven

In the past month we have received an additional $18.50. PFH has also purchased some study books that will be used by Todd with Young Life.
Please keep the pennies and “can tabs” coming!