Transition Team News

The door behind us is closed and God is leading us forward. By the time you read this, our

Leadership Retreat will be in the past and there will be greater clarity on the projects we need to

undertake in the near future.

● We talked about creating an opportunity to both acknowledge and celebrate our church history.

● We are looking at self-assessment and self-study to understand our characteristics as a church body and examine how we might grow as Christians.

● We want to know how we are perceived in our community. Are we doing all that God wants?

● We need to look at and understand our connections to the American Baptist and the United Methodist churches.

Somewhere I read….Pray, wait and trust! And, I would add, as we discern God’s leading, act!

Remember, there is room for anyone wishing to take part in this process, and everyone will be

asked to participate at different times, and to pray at ALL times!

- Nancy Schaedel for the Transition Team