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The Transition Team is hosting a United Church of Lincoln Celebration Potluck, November 5th following church.  We will share our traditional potluck lunch and look at our church history from the distant past up to recent past and present-day.  How did we begin, how did we change and grow over time, who were our pastors and members, what can you share?  The Lincoln Historical Society has agreed to assist us, but we need you!  We are strong and healthy today because of our past.  Please come and share your memories and if you are not sure you have information to share, it will be a time of learning and celebration.  We can’t do it without you!

Questions and Answers:

Q: What happened to the Pulpit Committee?  A: The Pulpit Committee became part of the Transition Team to do the necessary interim work.  When the interim work is completed, the Pulpit Committee will reconvene.

Q: Will the church body have the opportunity to make decisions about new leadership or will the Transition Team or Pulpit Committee make those decisions? 

A: The church body has the final say and any recommendations made by the Pulpit Committee are subject to church body approval.

Q: Are we starting from scratch or building on who we are? 

A: Definitely, we are building on who we are.

Q: What is the Transition Team working on now? 

A: We are planning the celebration of our history potluck, preparing the church directory update, and working to increase communication between team members and the church body.

Q: Why haven’t we started the search process?  When are we going to start meeting pastoral candidates?

A: Churches in transition are in a vulnerable time.  The process of change can be rocky.  Research has gone into how to help churches do transitions more successfully. Experience has shown that a church needs to take time with the process, doing the work of transitioning. Churches that neglect the interim work and jump right to calling a new pastor quite often end up keeping the new pastor only a short time, anyway. (A sort of involuntary interim!) Upon recommendation from Pastor France (who has experience as an interim pastor), the Pulpit Committee agreed to become the Transition Team and take approximately a year to go through a thorough interim process. When the work of the interim is done, the Pulpit Committee will resume the search process.

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