Let’s remember items for the food shelf basket when doing grocery shopping. 

  • Remember that we also collect metal tabs for the Ronald McDonald House in Burlington. These can be from any kind of metal can – soup, soda, dog or cat food, etc. 
  • Lastly, please keep saving your pennies and help us reach the next mile for our Pennies From Heaven project.

From:  American Baptist Home Mission Society and Church World Service

We are facing the worst refugee crisis since World War II.

Our values call us to answer the desperate pleas of mothers, fathers and children searching for safety and assistance in their darkest hour.

Over 4 million Syrians are now refugees, seeking safety in countries across the Middle East, Europe and the United States. Another 6.5+ million are displaced within Syria, forced from their homes due to violence and persecution.

Within the United States, the welcome of Syrian refugees is being challenged. This type of fear-mongering has no place in our society. People of all faiths must stand in solidarity with refugee and migrant communities.

If you would like to help, gifts can be given through ABCVNH to Church World Service simply marking it for: “Syrian Refugee Relief” or if you want to know other ways to help, go to CWS website.

Haiti Orphanage “Thank You”

Good Morning!  I received the donation check in the amount of $900.12.  Please thank Pastor Dave and the congregation for the very generous donation.  I am sending money today to the orphanage so they can buy various things that are really needed right now, like notebooks for school, shoes, and a few food items.  The remainder will go to help pay teachers' salaries.

You guys are the best, and please know that I, Father Bourdeau and the children greatly appreciate all you do!

Sincerely, Elaine (Brower)

(Please feel free to drop a donation for the orphanage in the offering plate, or send to the church office, made out to the UCOL Deacons Fund with “Haiti” in the memo line)

Young LIfe of Addison County
As we enter 2017...

Pray for our leaders: Hannah, Ligia and Peter in Vergennes. Emma Chelsea, Hayden, and Mark in Middlebury. Special prayers for Jess, working with Wyldlife kids. Kathleen, Chad, Amy, and Fiona in the Bristol area. Pray for more people to join our teams. 

Please offer a special prayer for Kathy's boys, as Kathy, a tireless champion of Young Life, working with Wyldlife kids, passed away suddenly January 23rd. She will be greatly missed. Enter into your rest!

Here is a snapshot of Young Life in Addison County each week:

•             Monday Nights - Young Club in Bristol ("Friends of YL" provide dinner for 50-70 kids)

•             Tuesday morning - Campaigners! Between 8-16 kids meet in Bristol for a Bible study

•             Thursday morning - Female students in Middlebury meet at Carol's for a Bible study

•             Thursday night - Leaders meet in Bristol for training, planning and study

On average, Young Life and Wyldlife volunteers in Addison County spend over 60 hours each week with kids; crossing barriers to build bridges of authentic friendship. One recent example of how Young Life leaders serve our kids and community is the Mt. Abe Music Dept trip to NYC. Kathleen Clark and Nancy Orvis traveled with the group of 100 kids to provide two breakfasts, one lunch and late-night snacks (hand delivered to each room every night). Mt. Abe Band Director, Matt Tatro said today,

    "Kathleen and Nancy are two women who care deeply about our kids. They worked tirelessly to make sure our students had an amazing time. This trip would not have been as great as it was without them there."

For those of you that stand with us in prayer and finances, we thank you. Because of your gifts we are able to be a part of lives as they are being changed by the Good News.

Thanks for reading,


A sincere thanks for gifting the wonderful personal hygiene items to the John Graham Shelter. On behalf of those we serve, our warmest wishes in response to your kindness!
- John Graham Shelter Staff

Graterford Prison

A message about Graterford Prison Ministry

To our sisters and brothers in Jesus:

It has been a year (!) since we last wrote to you, our faithful churches and friends who feed the ministries in the Protestant congregation—and for the entire prison population—with your prayers, prayer requests and donations of yearly calendars and religious literature. Please don’t take this long silence as forgetfulness.

We are reminded of your “Jesus brand of love” every time an inmate thanks us for the calendar he has received from you, or reads the first three days of his new monthly devotion booklet before he reaches his block, or finds hope and strength knowing you are reading his prayer request and bowing your heads. What you share with these men speaks eloquently of God’s Love offered by human hands.

Because our congregation believes so strongly in the power of prayer, one way they see to express their gratitude for you is to pray on your behalf. Every prayer request you send to us is received seriously and prayed over again and again. While we understand that it might not be everyone’s faith practice to write down personal needs for prayer, we hope you will continue to share what you can as a way to connect our congregations spiritually. 

We are now collecting 2017 calendars for distribution in October, so we hope you can continue this ministry as well. While it might seem men with long sentences would have little need for a day-by-day calendar, their lives—like ours—are measured by each new day. 

“How are you, Mr. Jones?”

“I’m blessed, Chaplain Gates! Every morning when I look out my cell    window, I see something I’ve never seen before.”

“What’s that, Mr. Jones?”

“Today, Chaplain Gates, today.” 

Please continue to keep these men in your prayers, and to share 2017 calendars (pocket or wall size, with no spiral bindings), and used or new devotion booklets (mark out or clip off any names/addresses) with them. All of this is wonderful spiritual food for their difficult journey.

We pray that your Advent/Christmas season brings you to a blessed and faith-filled 2017!

Russ and Lenore  Gates

Message from the Vieras

Please continue to pray for us:

1)We are so thankful for Kyla being able to visit.  (2) For our financial needs – that they continue to be met as unexpected burdens arise (like an obligatory investment plan initiated by my local employer).  
(3) For a person I am working with. - that she may come to a greater understanding of truth as I continue to meet with her in study; and for myself as I endeavor to wisely bear witness.   
(4) For the small group which I have recently taken over – and discernment (5) For the youth program at BICF - that the light of the gospel penetrate the hearts and minds of the young men and women I teach there;  (6) For the “English Corner” as it comes to a close this semester (7) For Andrea and I as we look to put Joshua into Chinese school part time
(8) For the Lord's continued leading as we look to establish a core group for the future church plant; (9) For God’s continued provision of strength,  for wisdom in the use of our time, energies, and resources. 
(10) For my family - for spiritual and physical protection

As you pray, please know that we are also praying for you . . .
If you are interested in making a financial contribution:
(just look for our name in the drop-down menu).   

If you want to write a check and bless us in this way, please be sure to put our name (MMI – Michael A. Viera) on the memo line, and send it to:

Southeast Alabama Presbytery/ MM&I
P.O. Box 4247
Montgomery, AL 36103-4247

Pennies From Heaven

The amount of pennies that have been added to help bless our project since December was $39.00.  In addition to that a donation of $10 was given to be used for the Pennies From Heaven Mission.

Our total now is $3,946.00. We helped buy a few of the devotionals for the church as a special way to continue the project’s mission of ‘planting God’s Word in as many places and in as many ways as we can’.

Also, please keep the can tabs coming. Our big barrel is about a third full – WOW!!! Good job, everyone!

What are your spiritual, practical gifts?

Service, hospitality, faith, giving, organization, mercy, teaching, prayer, leadership, craftsmanship, evangelism?......We are looking for a few good women and men to serve.

Can you help with our spiritual life, be a witness to Christ and the church, promote missions and assist in our worship? The Board of Deacons and Stewards may ask you to consider how you can join their efforts.

Are you business minded, handy with numbers and a hammer? The Board of Trustees may be a place of service for you.

Are you a teacher, communicator and a person who nurtures – not just children, but all who are growing in their knowledge of God? The Christian Education Board needs a person like you.

Do you know your fellow members well enough to ask them to join our boards and committees as they work to build our church? The Personnel Committee may ask you to serve.

Would you work to support, care for and help our pastors be the best they can be? The Pastoral Relations Committee may offer you the opportunity.

Please consider with prayer and care how you are able to join in service.

God's Ministry when done through earthly means, costs money.

Some of us can’t begin to imagine giving ten percent of our earnings to the church. But many have chosen to do just that. Why Do You Tithe? This question was posed to a number of people in the church family......make no mistake – these folks are just like you, with the same financial commitments......here are a few responses:

“That's something the Lord God wants us to do that we have done for probably 50 years or so, and it is good for our Church and for us to keep on doing it.......if we were having some tough times it seemed that something always came along to help us make it, (even if it was just good advice...or a new tenant), and I've always believed that using envelopes is the best way of keeping track of it. It also makes me feel good...it's one area where I'm sure I'm not letting God down......”

“I tithe because I want to live BEING a person who trusts God. I believe God’s promise to supply all my needs. I believe that to do less than give a full tithe robs God. A full tithe communicates not only my trust, but also my thanksgiving. I believe that because I have been blessed I now have the responsibility to financially, and otherwise, further the ministry that is God’s church. I tithe because I want to be blessed and to be a blessing. ‘Bring the whole tithe into the storehouses, that there may be food in My house. Test me in this, says the Lord Almighty, and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have enough room for it’. Malachi 3:10
I encourage you to take God’s invitation seriously. Keep putting Him to the test over the course of a year and see what happens in your life because of it!”

“We tithe because we believe that is what the Bible tells us to do. God doesn't want us to get so involved in our money that we worship it instead of Him. He also wants us to understand that all we have came from him in the first place. It's His anyway. He's just letting us use it, hopefully in a responsible way.
We started many years ago tithing on our take-home pay, then on our gross pay. We now tithe on our gross pay to the church and do other donations beside. We say this only to encourage others. It's important that this is between you and God.
Sometimes it is hard to give that much back when we see the ways we could use it for ourselves, but we are so blessed with what we have. You might think you can't get by if you tithe. That was a concern of ours, but we have never gone without food, shelter, or clothing. At some point in your life, you have to decide to trust God. This is only one area and maybe the easiest.
There are so many in this world who are barely surviving. How can we who have so much keep it for ourselves? God gives us this prosperity as a test, and sometimes it feels like a burden. It's all a part of the free choice that we've been given. What will we do with what we've been given?”

“We try to make the commitment of tithing just because it is the right thing to do.
The ministry of our Church is an important and vital part of our lives. We have learned that when we make our Church giving number one priority, perhaps not all our “wants” are granted but definitely all are “needs” are met.”