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Feed My Sheep Ministry

[The veggies are growing! Some have been harvested and distributed, and others will be ready for harvest soon! If you would like to help with the design and construction of a veggie stand please contact the church office! Thank you!]

 (Feed My Sheep - Grow With God)
...is a food production, storage and possibly prep, non-profit community action group.
While this group is a part of The United Church of Lincoln, it is meant to serve, and to involve, the community at large, encouraging self-sustainability and sharing of food items with our neighbors.
If you would like to be involved with this ministry either directly, using your time and talents, or indirectly, by contributing financially or in-kind materials etc., please contact the church office. 
Another way to contribute would be to alert us to anyone who is in need of food.
Contact information can be found by clicking Contact Us .

What are the different parts of this ministry? What do they look like when separate? How do they contribute to the ministry as a whole?
These are some of the questions we asked ourselves when beginning this ministry.
1. Food Production
a. Growing Mediums:
i. Orchard (established fruit trees/bushes)
ii. ground
iii. raised bed
iv. potato tower
v. containers
vi. hydroponics
vii. greenhouse, plant starting
b. community growers – indirect contributors
2. Food Storage
a. Root Cellar
b. Canning
c. Freezing
d. Drying
3. Food Processing
a. Cooking, straining, packaging (applesauce)
b. Blanching, freezing, canning
4. Food Distribution
a. Direct delivery to user
b. Local food shelf
c. H.O.P.E. (Helping Overcome Poverty’s Effects)
d. FREE vegetable stand
i. Take some, leave some (optional)
ii. Recipes and instructions for each type of vegetable
iii. Donations – monetary donations accepted, leave
instructions to whom the check/cash is to be given.
No money box (to lessen temptation)
5. Fundraising
a. Donations
b. Canvasing
c. Selling a portion of produce