How to Fix the Colonies in Your Neighborhood

Unfortunately, we cannot trap the cats and fix your colony for you, or find homes to all the homeless cats that are presented to us because most of our volunteers have time consuming jobs and limited time. We do not have a shelter. Instead, we can help you fix your colony (see below) and help you find homes to the homeless cats you rescue.

We fixed and are currently fixing many colonies with these procedures. Here is what we can offer you:

- Lend you all the traps you need at no cost, including a drop trap to catch hard to catch angels.

- Lend you our holding space.

- Teach you how to trap and how to feed the angels and clean their traps.

- Share your TNR with our 190+ members and very likely some of them will help you with manpower and/or with funds to fix the cats.

- Help you post and distribute the attached flyers in your neighborhood.

- Help you find homes to your rescued cats by preparing and distributing flyers to our 180+ members, to many Hudson County buildings, to places of high circulation of people (bus stops, train stations, supermarkets, schools), and to social media.

Here is what we expect from you:

- Identify 7 to 8 volunteer per colony by posting the attached flyers in your neighborhood and/or sharing it with your neighbors.

- Do a collection in your neighborhood to pay the $55/cat to fix the colony.

- Read the attached TNR Handbook and come to one of our TNRs to learn how to trap and how to feed the angels and clean their traps.

- Ask one of the 7 to 8 volunteers to pick up the traps. See our traps lending instructions in the file attached to this page.

- Trap the cats with the 7 to 8 volunteers.

- Bring the cats to our holding space and feed them and clean their traps before after surgery.

- Release the cats back to their colonies with coordinate with the feeders so that they do not miss food.

- Build them winter shelters with the 7 to 8 volunteers.

- Work with us to find homes to the friendly cats or kittens that are trapped during the TNRs (see friendly cats page of this web site).

if you receive public assistance, please check the vets in this web site to fix them at just $10 per kid with the assistance of the State of New Jersey: