How to Find Homes to Kittens and Friendly Cats

Unfortunately, we do not have a shelter and cannot offer homes to all the kittens and friendly cats that are presented to us. However, we beg you to work with us and follow the procedures listed below to find homes to the homeless cats you identify. We found homes almost all kittens and friendly cats where we used these procedures.

Here is how to find homes to kittens:

1. Feed mother cat and her kittens at least twice per day in the same place.

2. Leave mother cat with her kittens until they are four to six weeks old. If you do not know when they were born, watch that the kittens can eat some wet food by themselves. Provide a shelter (a $9 styrofoam cooler from Walmart) to mother cat and her kittens if they do not have one. Just open a 6”x6” hole in the long side of the cooler, and put straw inside.

3. Contact Fernando ( to borrow one of our traps and one of our crates and trap them. Contact Fernando Portes ( to obtain medication for fleeces/ear mites (revolution), deworming (nemex/dontral), upper respiratory infection (if needed, amoxillin), eye infection (if needed, ofloxacin), and diarrhea (if needed, metronidazole), and/or to bring the cat to a vet an obtain the UCFCC discounts.

4. Socialize them (just playing with them as often as you can; you can see videos in YouTube under the kitten socialization). We will provide you their food and litter if you cannot afford them, or if you live in public housing or receive social security assistance.

4. Arrange their fixing, vaccination.

5. Take color pictures with the highest possible resolution with no one holding them and email them to and to We will then give you, distribute, and post color flyers. We will also post them in our facebook ( and petfinder ( sites. Purchase one staple gun at Walmart or HomeDepot (just $6.5) and help us post those flyers in your neighborhood (people are more likely to adopt cats if they know they were rescued from their neighborhood).

6. Ask the adopter to fill out the adoption application and the adoption contract attached to this page. No cat will be transferred without the adoption application and the adoption contract.

Here is how to find homes to friendly cats:

1. Follow steps 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6 above.