Workshop Description

The 5G Mobile Systems and Networks, planned to be launched in 2020, have drawn the major attention from academia, industry, and governments all over the world. Recent research and development efforts mainly concentrate on diverse air-interface techniques for cellular networks, such as massive MIMO, high-frequency band communications, filter-bank based OFDM and the variants, non-orthogonal multiple access, etc. However, the networking perspective issues towards 5G systems and beyond, which face the explosive growth of applications over mobile Internet, have not received sufficient research efforts despite their vital importance. In the meantime, it is critical to understand that user-centricity would be one of the core features of 5G networks. Particularly, towards 5G and future networks, the concept of user-centric networking has evolved for years and has gained multi-fold characteristics. First, with the rapid development of smart phones, in 5G networks the mobile users would not just function as consumers, but also as contributors to facilitate the network infrastructure in service provisioning. Second, the satisfaction of mobile users' quality-of-experience (QoE) would have become a much more crucial task for operators than ever. More importantly, given the great flexibility of air-interfaces, growing networking capability, and drastically increasing network scale, the network controller does not necessarily manage everything for mobile users. Mixed centralized control and autonomous networking would be the major networking style beyond 2020, which completely differs from current cellular systems and networks. Unfortunately, although the concept of user-centricity is evolving, the user-centric networking solution has been neither well developed nor thoroughly studied.


This workshop is dedicated to solicit recent research efforts and results on user -centric networking towards 5G and beyond. The topics of this workshop include, but not limited to, the followings:

·         User-centric protocol stack design in 5G networks and beyond

·         Cross-layer design for user-centric networking in 5G networks and beyond

·         User-centric QoE/QoS provisioning in 5G networks and beyond

·         Mixed centralized and autonomous networking for 5G and beyond

·         User-centric D2D networking for 5G and beyond

·         Game-theoretical approach for user-centric design in 5G networks and beyond

·         User-centric design for security assurance in 5G networks and beyond

·         User-centric network selection and interference management for 5G and beyond

·         User-centric design for Machine Type Communications

·         Joint optimization of SE-EE over user-centric networks

·         Simulations, evaluation and testing for user-centric networking technologies


Important Dates for Authors:

Workshop paper submission deadline: Extended to 13 January, 2016

Acceptance notification date: 10 February, 2016

Final camera-ready paper deadline: 10 March, 2016