Human relations:

  • Be nice to each other.
  • Be patient.
  • Be helpful to those who are less techie than you.
  • Be helpful to those who are less design-focused than you.
  • Be extra nice to the Tech Mentors.
  • Respect people's privacy: ask for permission before you tweet or tag people in photos.
  • Teach someone something.
  • Learn something from someone else.
  • Help the organisers keep the venue clean and tidy.

Space relations:

  1. If you see rubbish, even if it’s not your own, please pick it up and bin it.
  2. Try not to spill your drinks, especially not on other people’s equipment.
  3. Watch out for trailing power cables - please don’t trip anyone up with your equipment.

You’re the curious type. That’s why you’re here. Great. But please refrain from hacking...
  • the coffee machines
  • any other equipment
  • the local wifi
  • other attendees' phones or laptops
  • other people's websites
...unless you have explicit permission to do so. [If in doubt, speak to Claudia or Janina]

Finally, please consider the environment: try to avoid waste. 

About #LearnHack
This edition of #LearnHack is a collaboration between UCL Digital Education and UCL Library Services. 
Previous event partners were UCL Innovation and Enterprise, UCLU TechSoc, the UCL Doctoral Skills Development Programme, UCL Advances, The Open University, LAIRN and oneM

Why #LearnHack?
If you have ever attended a hackathon, you will have experienced the buzz of diverse people coming together to tackle issues around a specific theme or problem. Hackathons are perfect peer learning environments, a breeding ground for new ideas and new connections. #LearnHack wants to give anyone at UCL a voice and an opportunity
to shape how we do things at UCL, and, in particular, how we use technology for teaching and learning.