100 Hour Scientific Diver Course

The course is based
 on the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) Standards in order
to dive under the auspices of UCLA or any
other AAUS Organizational  Members like the California Science Center, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, UCSB, etc. In order to b
e fully certified as an AAUS/UCLA scientific diver, already certified divers must complete a check-out open
water scuba dive with the DSO and at least 11 additional dives under the direction of the DSO or a delegate for a  total of at least 12 open water dives. Depending on the individual  diver's ability, additional dives might be required for those divers.  Divers must demonstrate adequate scuba skills, knowledge of  the local diving environment, successfully complete ALL pool work,  lectures, and pass a written final exam. See below list of  requirements for specific details. Upon successful completion of the  course and an additional 50 logged dives, dive
s will be eligible for a NAUI Master Diver Certification, NAUI's highest non-instructional certification.

We will ask you to perform the swim test on the first day of class, allowing us to understand your water abilities. This is a Research SCUBA  course, not a class to train future Olympians and we hold attitude higher than actual swimming abilities. Divers are required to perform  the following skills sometime during the first three days of the class, so candidates will have multip
le chances to repeat the given skill if you do not perform it to satisfaction the first time:
     a)                Swim underwater for a distance of 25 yards without surfacing
     b)                Swim 400 yards in less than 12 minutes
     c)                Tread water for 10 minutes
     d)                Transport another person of equal size a distance of 25 yards in the water

Candidates can use a mask or swim goggles for the swim test. No fins or other swim aids may be used unless otherwise noted.
            Divers will be responsible for the following equipment:
        SCUBA mask
        SCUBA  fins
        SCUBA snorkel
        SCUBA booties
        Exposure suit appropriate to candidate's temperature tolerance level
        Weight belt with appropriate amount of lead for exposure suit to be used in the ocean
        Underwater timing device (dive watch)
        Underwater cutting tool
Optional but preferred:
        SCUBA buoyancy compensator (BC),
        SCUBA regulator
        SCUBA dive light
    NOTE: Candidates must provide receipt of either purchase of the new equipment or proof of overhaul in the last 12 months for the SCUBA    regulator and BC.
 SCUBA tanks, air fills, and pool weight belts will be provided along with all necessary training supplies (books and handouts) on the first day of 
    All candidates must pass a dive medical exam prior to engaging in SCUBA class activities so please schedule an appointment ASAP for the laboratory tests will require some time (see list of suggested medical providers-you can still use your own physician if you so prefer). 
The signed medical exam is due on the first day of class. Depending on your health care provider, the exams cost $200-$400. 
    Additionally, we require that all divers have a current Dive Insurance Policy such as DAN at the time of instruction. Please provide a scan or print a copy of your current card.
    Cost for the class will be $500-800, final amount to be determined on the number of participants.
Upon successful completion of all requirements, if candidates wish to receive a NAUI Rescue Diver Card, CPR/FA/O2 cert or a NAUI Master Diver Card there will be an additional cost of $30 per card.
    Complete and return via e-mail the attached application to the DSO.
Mike Anghera,
Aug 18, 2019, 5:30 PM