Welcome to the Public Health group of the UCLA Mobile Clinic Project!

MCP provides medical, legal, and other services to the homeless populations of the Los Angeles Area. The organization began after two UCLA School of Public Health students carried out a needs assessment of the homeless population on behalf of the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition. Today, MCP volunteers include dozens of undergraduates, medical students, law students, and, of course, public health students from UCLA.

We're currently looking to expand even more the reach of public health volunteers on the well-being of the homeless community, but we can only do it with the help of FSPH students like you! Come out and volunteer with MCP! Email us at mcp.publichealth@gmail.com if you are interested.

MCP Public Health Introduction

I think when I first came in as a pre-med, along with the rest of my caseworkers, we, I think, had an idea that we were really interested in seeing the medical aspect of the services that we provide. But, in continuing in my experience, and especially as a public health graduate student, I think I have come to see that the social services and referrals that we provide, they're as important, if not even more important, than the medical services or medications that we provide to our clients. So, I think my view on the way that healthcare can and should be delivered has changed a lot over my time as a public health student volunteering with Mobile Clinic.

I think overall my most memorable experience with Mobile Clinic is kind of putting a face to the homeless community that is a part of our city. I think a lot of times you hear news reports here and there about the certain lifestyles they have or just the kind of stereotypical kind of homeless person that you see in the media. And I think a lot of times just when we're serving like through the public health surveys, we get to hear their personal stories, and we get to hear their personal experiences. And so we find out that they are homeless for many reasons, reasons that you wouldn't even think of. So, it just makes it more of a personal cause for you when you're out there hearing their stories and hearing about how they became homeless. So, I think that's the most memorable experience that I have had.

I feel that I will definitely take with me the stories that I have learned from clients that we have been able to help over the past year and the lessons that I have learned from them about resilience. And also as a person who hopes to, in the future, have a career that melds public health and medicine together, I feel like the clinic has taught me ways to bring multiple components together to be able to link patients with the social and the health resources that they need to help improve their lives and to also improve their health. And most of all, I think I will take with me and carry with me the collaborative spirit that helps the clinic thrive, where everyone plays a part in making it a success every week.

Some of our 2012-2013 public health volunteers.

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