Information for the 2014 Symposium will be made available shortly. 
ucLADINO presents:
{ March 5-6, 2013 | Survival in the Diaspora }
                                              2nd annual Judeo-Spanish Symposium at UCLA


Video messages from Keynote Speakers from the 1st annual Judeo-Spanish Symposium

               Rachel Amado Bortnick (in Judezmo)                             Alicia Sisso Raz (in Haketia)


Solly Levy
Liliana Benveniste
Marcelo Benveniste

Benni Aguado
Brian Berman
                     Previous Events

See some of the events by ucLADINO last year, including Keynotes from our 1st annual Judeo-Spanish Conference

Our program is now available. 
Please click on 'Program' above to view.

The Young Research Library will be featuring several unique Judeo-Spanish texts in its glass cases during the week of the Symposium.
More information to follow.

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